P365 – Day 58 – return to the Farm Bar (27/2/2011)

Today Two Metre Tall (remember them?) had their second Sunday Farm Bar.

It was a beautiful late summer day, perfect weather for a picnic, a BBQ featuring Two Metre Tall’s finest beer-fed beef and, of course, real ale and cider.
Unfortunately my favourite ale, Forester, seems to be everyone else’s as well, and there wasn’t any of it available today. (You know, it’s like when you go to the shoe sales and because your feet are the most common size, there are no nice ones in your size left. I’m used to it.)
At least that gave me an opportunity to sample the Huon Dark Ale and the Derwent Clear Ale, both of which, I must say, I would try again.  Oh and some ‘Poire’ cider. A trip to the Farm Bar wouldn’t be complete without that.
There was a bigger crowd this time, and lots of kids, who had a ball exploring the farm and checking out the cow pen.
Like last time, we met up with some Twitter friends and had a great time just hanging out, drinking ale and listening to Andrew Marshall, who is a regular performer at the Farm Bar.
Juniordwarf and the other boys really enjoyed the music and provided their own entertainment.
It was another fun afternoon. Roll on 20 March for the next one!

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