P365 – Day 62 pizza

Tonight Slabs had to attend a function after work, so after school, Juniordwarf and I went to my Mum’s place to wait for him so we could all go home together.

While we were there I couldn’t help noticing heaps of little things I’d never really paid much attention to before. They just caught my eye, and I felt I just had to take pictures of them. Some of them are highly likely to turn up on a Sunday Selections post in the very near future. (I missed out on doing a post last Sunday.)

Because there was no way we were going to get home in time for dinner in time for Juniordwarf to go to bed at a reasonable hour, Mum suggested we get pizza while we were waiting for Slabs.

What a great idea!

Huon mushroom

Smoked salmon & brie

After dinner, Juniordwarf had a shower and got dressed in his PJs. We drove home, he fell asleep in the car, and we got him into bed without waking him up.

Good night.


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