P365 – Day 70 in progress

Today I got an exciting package in the mail.

This is what it was:

This is my camera for the Art House Cooperative’s A Million Little Photos: Photomobile project, which I signed up to a few weeks ago.

Basically you sign up to the project, choose one of the themes and they send you a disposable camera. You then have until 15 June to take 27 pictures with the camera, print them and send them back to the project.

They then collect all the pictures, create a travelling exhibition (within the Photomobile), which they the tour across the USA. Each participant is guaranteed at least one photo in the exhibition, and there’s also an option to have your photos scanned and uploaded to their website.

The themes included things like ‘Surviving the end of the world’, ‘The photograph that changed the world’ and ‘Comings and goings’ I picked a theme that I hope will be not too difficult, but will still give me an opportunity to be a bit creative.

So now the fun begins.

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