P365 – Day 96 fog

From one extreme to the other.

Yesterday morning we had really bright sunshine. It was a glorious autumn day.

Today, this was the view of the hill behind our house.

Yes, fog season has well and truly arrived. As we live in a river valley, we get a lot of fog throughout the autumn and winter months. Sometimes it extends all the way into Hobart (where the Mountain is often shrouded in fog, to the extent that people have visited Hobart for several days and not even known there was a mountain there) and sometimes it eases off at some point downriver.

There have been days when our town has been covered in fog until mid-afternoon, or even all day. It can be perfectly clear in Hobart at the same time. I remember one morning having to drive into Hobart early on and then come back home for a meeting. I left the fog behind me, and enjoyed the warmth and sun in town. On the drive back, I could see where the fog started up the river, and it got thicker and thicker the closer I got. It was like two completely different worlds.

The worst thing about the fog is that my washing can take days to dry. The best thing is that there are many many wonderful photo opportunities – if only I just got out there to take advantage.


4 thoughts on “P365 – Day 96 fog

  1. The fog's very dreamy, especially over the hills. It gets a bit much when it doesn't lift for days on end though! It's so weird being in town with no fog & knowing that not that far away is shrouded in it. I must go down to the river one day soon & take some photos.

  2. I don't mind fog, although we don't get much of it here in Adelaide. I can look towards the hills and see plenty of it there however and I hear stories from my T about driving to Adelaide from her hills home very slowly because of low visibility.

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