P365 Day 108 – too early

Under normal circumstances, Slabs has Mondays off. Usually I catch the bus in to work on those days, and it’s usually the 6.30 am bus that I like to get.

To catch this bus I have to get up at 5.20 (yes, it takes me that long to get myself out of bed and get ready, and yes, doing this involves coffee). Today was especially hard because I woke up at 3.25 and found it very difficult to get back to sleep, so when the alarm went off, I felt like I’d only just got to sleep.

Today was the first time I’d caught the bus since daylight saving ended, and I was lucky enough to be leaving the house just as the most glorious sunrise was happening. It was truly stunning, and if I’d been five minutes later I would have missed it.

Sunrise from our front door
Sunrise from the bus stop a couple of minutes later

When I was editing these photos I tried not to over-process them, just enhance them a bit. Not sure I succeeded entirely – I think the first one is more accurate than the second one –  but this is about the journey, not the destination isn’t it, so I’m learning all the time.


2 thoughts on “P365 Day 108 – too early

  1. I usually miss them too because I'm inside getting ready & getting the boy ready on weekdays & it's all so hectic at that time of the morning I never think to look out the window. And weekends are for sleep ins!

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