P365 – Day 135 i don’t want to go outside

Here are my photos for this week’s Sunday Selections over at Frogpondsrock.
This afternoon at about half past three, Juniordwarf suddenly decided he wanted to go outside.
We’d been inside all day, even though, as days nearing winter go, today wasn’t too bad. Still, I was quite cosy inside and didn’t really want to go out with him. (The way our house is set up, it’s impossible to keep an eye on him from inside.) I had stuff I wanted to be doing (or rather, needed to be doing – I didn’t feel particularly inclined to actually do it) and I groaned inwardly when he said he wanted to go outside.
But I don’t want to discourage him from being outside, and I know I should also be setting more of an example by spending time outside too, so I took a deep breath and followed him out.
We did some stuff together and then he did his own thing for a while. I decided if I had to be out there, I might as well make use of the time and find things in the almost dead garden to take photos of, as there might not be many more opportunities.
There was also a pretty moonrise just before sunset, so that was a good subject too – lots of interesting clouds in the sky. And then sunset itself (where I looked out the window, saw the light and raced outside to take some more photos).
All of these are taken on my phone, with the exception of the two sunset pictures, and all are edited with my go-to app, Camera+.
Moon rising in the clouds
Pansy from Juniordwarf’s garden
One of our last roses
Juniordwarf’s petunia that he potted up at
play group last year
Grape vine. I was hoping to find an angle that
made it look like I was in a vineyard, but who
am I kidding?!
Sunset 1 – my standard sunset view over the hill

Sunset 2 – behind the sunset

5 thoughts on “P365 – Day 135 i don’t want to go outside

  1. sleepydwarf

    @Kim, I didn't try and smell it. I've still got this horrible cold hanging around & I don't think I'd be able to smell it anyway. But I might go & have a look tomorrow.@Elizabeth, it's amazing how fast they can get ready when they want to isn't it. I do like going for a walk with the boy though. It's fun, except when he starts to drag his feet or want to be carried :)@Monica, the sunsets & sunrises are lovely here some days. I wish we were higher up to get a better view!@River, it's a bit darker in real life, but I like the lightening effect where you can see all the 'veins'.

  2. Elizabeth.

    We spent the weekend with family, including our 4 year old niece. Her parents were very surprised when she demanded to come with us on our walk, especially since she was still in her pyjamas! I said, "Ok, you've got two minutes to get dressed or we'll go without you," and lo and behold, she got dressed all by herself and was back in 2 minutes! We had a great walk, even if we couldn't go as far as we would've liked. So yeah, you definitely have to encourage these things!

  3. Kim (frog ponds rock)

    It is hard to be outside when you don't really want to be 🙂 Good thing you were able to take some photos. Does the rose have a perfume? I always feel slightly ripped off when I see a lovely rose and it doesn't have any scent.


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