P365 – Day 138 questions

I got the idea for today’s picture from Gretchen Rubin’s (from The Happiness Project) Facebook page, but it really rang true to me in relation to how my work is going at the moment.
There are some big questions on my mind.
On one level there’s a lot of concern at the moment about possible job losses in the near future as a result of budget cuts, which is unnerving and creates a general air of unease.
On a more practical level, I’m simply not sure how I’m going to do the project I’m currently working on. It’s supposed to be a priority, but other stuff keeps getting in the way and I’m not able to find (or organise myself to find) the large chunks of time I need to sit down, uninterrupted, and concentrate on the project.
Being not 100 per cent health-wise for the last three weeks hasn’t helped much either. Lately I seem to be fading pretty fast after three or four hours at work.
I’m going to sit down with my boss and talk about things we can do to get me back on track with it, and to help me get things back into focus. I’m hoping that will answer at least some of the questions.

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