P365 – Day 154 a bus ride (3/6/2011)

Some background:

Today’s the first day of Juniordwarf’s school holidays and it was my mother’s day to look after him.

Lil Sis is in town this weekend to do some stuff with Mum. She flew in this morning, and she was very excited to be spending the day with Juniordwarf as well.  They decided to take Juniordwarf on a tour on one of the double decker tourist buses that operate around town.

And so to the story of today’s photo, best explained by a series of text messages between me and Lil Sis, that started when I went out at lunch time.

Me: Hey, where you at?

Her: Outside your work

Me (looking around and not seeing them anywhere nearby): Where? So am I.

Her: We’re going on the double decker bus tour.

Me (still none the wiser, thinking the bus might stop at the normal bus stop, but not seeing them there either): I’m going for lunch. Where’s the bus stop?

Her: Opposite the pub.

Me (after finally figuring out where they are, and heading off in that direction): I can see you.

By the time I got there, the bus had started to move off, so I was standing at the side of the road, frantically waving at them, which probably entertained the lunchtime diners at the pub across the road, and I just managed to take a picture before the bus drove off.

You can just see them sitting up the front.

See them?

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