P365 – Day 174 washing, washing and more washing

Once of the things I like least about winter is how much harder it is to get my washing done.

I do most of my and Juniordwarf’s washing on Tuesdays when I’m home with Juniordwarf. Slabs is responsible for doing his own and occasionally Juniordwarf’s.

Juniordwarf helps me. He likes to put the clothes in the machine, put the powder in and press the start button once I’ve set the cycle. After it’s done, he likes to pull the clothes out of the machine and put them in the laundry basket.

Most of the clothes I own are, conveniently, not tumble dryable, so we hang most of the washing outside to dry.

When I say ‘to dry’ I mean to hang limply in the cool, damp foggy air. We have some clothesline underneath our back porch, so quite a lot of washing can be hung out there, and over a day or two, it becomes slightly less wet than it was when it was pulled out of the washing machine.

Some days, after the fog has lifted, we might get a couple of hours of sunshine, which helps a bit too.

What I normally do is to get the airer out and set it up in front of the heat pump, which is on for a lot of the day because the house is so cold, put as much washing on that as I can fit without overcrowding, and once that’s dry I bring more in from outside, and so on until it’s all dry.

It normally takes three to four days to get it all dry. Then I have a few days off before the cycle starts again. So this is a fairly common sight in our house these days.

2 thoughts on “P365 – Day 174 washing, washing and more washing

  1. River

    You're in Tasmania aren't you? I've thought about how I'd like to live there, because it isn't as hot as the mainland, but after reading this and remembering that it snows there too, I've changed my mind. although all of my clothes are able to be tumble dried so that's not such a problem…..


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