weekly check-in #4

Here’s my progress against my commitments for last week:

Clear the bench top: 7/7
Drink enough water: 6/7
Go to bed before 11pm: 4/7
Be up and dressed by 7am (8am on weekends): 4/7

Where I’m falling down is bedtime and getting up on weekends (and my day off). I’m going to try and improve on that by turning off my computer by 10.30 pm so that I don’t get distracted and stay up too late, although this weekend I was caught up in scrapbooking rather than the virtual world.

I’m keeping the same commitments this week. My new one – as alluded to last Monday – is making sure my desk is tidy at the end of the day, and my dining table is cleared off before I go to bed, instead of being a dumping ground for all my paperwork.

My other new commitment is to cut down on my coffee consumption, so I won’t be having any coffee after the one I have at 2.00 pm.


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