P365 – Day 181 – closeup #4 – layout

I have a lot of scrapbook layouts that are in my ‘work in progress’ albums. (Yes, albums. I filled one up with unfinished layouts, so I needed to get another one.)

A lot of the layouts are pretty much complete, other than needing a title or journalling. I’m not good at doing either of these things, so the layouts tend to just sit there in the ‘work in progress’ albums for months on end. Sometimes years.

Every time I go to scrapbooking on Friday nights I flick through those albums and try to find a layout that I can finish that night. Usually I can’t, so I start another one that inevitably finds its way into the album that night and sits there for weeks or months until I can figure out how to finish it.

Last weekend I made some progress. I finished not one, but three layouts that had been sitting round for ages and got a fourth one almost completed. It’s currently sitting on the mantelpiece waiting for, you guessed it, journalling.

This is a sneak peak (it’s a direct copy of a layout found in the Kaisercraft Q2 Magazine from 2009 using the Belle collection).

I really like how it’s turning out so far.


4 thoughts on “P365 – Day 181 – closeup #4 – layout

  1. That is a fine idea! Imagine if I made myself finish all my layouts before I started any more. I'd have about 20 or 30 complete. Maybe that should be my challenge for this month … finish 20 layouts!?

  2. I'm trying to be very disciplined – my rule is that I have to finish at least one project before I can start another new one. Of course, that rule goes out the window when I have to make something with a deadline – a quilt for a new baby or a dress for Emma for her birthday. Maybe it's a guideline rather than a rule.

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