P365 – Day 238 – something is missing

One of the things my counsellor told me was that I have to take a little bit of time to do things purely for myself without feeling guilty about it.
So to cut a long story short, I decided to take a day off work (and not eat into the ever diminishing time I get to spend with Juniordwarf now he’s at school). The plan was to go shopping (my work wardrobe is in serious need of a makeover and my lunch break isn’t long enough to do any ‘proper’ shopping), drink coffee and have a massage.
Brilliant idea, right?
Actually I rather detest shopping. It’s hard to find clothes that fit me – everything in the shops seems either designed for skinny young things or the more, um, ‘matronly’ types, and I don’t identify with either. As a result, I normally find shopping a rather stressful, unpleasant experience.
A coupe of weeks ago I put a call out on Twitter to try and find places where a (ahem) ‘curvy short chick’ might find clothes that don’t fit into either of the above categories. I got a few suggestions and decided to go for it.
I figured if worst came to worst, I could call a halt to the shopping and go on a photo walk. Or drink more coffee.
It sounded like a plan. 
Only when I got into town this morning I discovered that I’d left my wallet at home!
Now who heads out for a shopping trip without their wallet? Turns out I’m not the only one, and I had a few people on Twitter tell me how they’d done exactly the same thing.
Luckily Slabs was with me when I realised what I’d done, calmed me down, escorted me to the ATM and gave me cash.
I went to the coffee shop, ordered a coffee, caught up on a few blogs (one in particular cheered me up immensely) and, revived, headed out to shop.
It was a mostly successful outing. My work wardrobe is looking slightly more professional and, without the time pressures of having to go back to work, I didn’t hate it as much as I feared I might have.
The strangest thing was paying for everything in cash. I normally card almost everything I buy, and the feeling of handing over actual money for things over about $10 or $20 was just weird. But I think it also kept me in check a bit, because I could see how much I was spending, rather than adding it up at the end of the day.
Sa here is today’s photo – the inside of my bag. Camera – check. Lip gloss – check. Pen – check. Notepad – check. Fold-up shopping bag – check. Wallet – oops  . . . 


3 thoughts on “P365 – Day 238 – something is missing

  1. Oh I can imagine how frustrating that must be River! At least I found out before I went to pay for anything. It's because I had it in a different place to normal & was very busy getting Junior ready for his book week parade, that I just totally forgot to get it. Of all the days to do it!

  2. I'm a checkout operator, as you probably remember, and I'm still surprised almost weekly by the number of people who fish around in their bags after I've scanned and bagged the groceries, only to find they've forgotten their wallet. I have to do a "suspend sale" while they call for help, (they always have their phone…), so that I can get on with processing the next customer. It's made me more aware and I check that my purse is in my bag before I leave the house.

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