P365 – Day 266 – waiting

Today I went back to my counsellor. I booked this appointment a few weeks ago, because I thought I could use some help working through some of the stuff in the Self-Esteem book. I hoped that she might be able to help me step outside myself and develop a more objective and accurate picture of myself than I currently have.

But other things have intervened since I made the appointment, and there were more immediate things that I needed to talk about today.

I’m glad I went. 

I really needed to talk. 

I needed someone to help me to put things into perspective and to suggest some things I can do right now to make me feel better.

That’s what I got, and I do feel better.

One thought on “P365 – Day 266 – waiting

  1. I'm glad you've got someone who'll listen and talk things through with you. Having the time to listen and help (talk) isn't always easy, so when you have a great counsellor (or friend) it really makes a difference.

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