P365 – Day 277 – playing cricket

Juniordwarf got a plastic cricket set for his third birthday. The first time we used it was a couple of months later when we went away to the beach for a weekend with Aunty Purple Bee. But he really hasn’t been interested in playing cricket up until now.

I made a DVD of Juniordwarf’s fourth year as an Xmas gift for our families, and there was footage of him unwrapping the cricket set and then playing with it on the movie.

Lately Juniordwarf has taken a great interest in all of the DVDs I’ve made of him ‘when I was little’. Inspired by this (I think), he’s recently started getting the cricket set out and wanting to play cricket with us.

Juniordwarf, Slabs and Mr Tall had a great time this weekend, and today it was my turn.

He’s starting to get the hang of bowling and he can throw the ball in the direction of the person who’s batting.

This is a big step forward for him, and his ball handling skills are getting better all the time, which is great to see.
He’s still having a bit of trouble swinging the bat in the right direction. He’s tended to hit down onto the ball rather than hit it away from him, but he’s very keen to learn how to do it properly.

We had a nice day at home today reading books, playing with the dog, listening to music, cooking biscuits and going to the library. 

At home
At the library


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