P365 – Day 278 – sticky notes

Last week I mentioned that my counsellor suggested for me to make a to-do list, but to only put three things on the list.

The idea behind that was to put three things that I wanted or needed to do that day, and that without overwhelming myself with a huge to-do list, I might actually get some things done, rather than finding it all too much and not doing anything.

She suggested using sticky notes – presumably so I couldn’t keep adding and adding to the list and making it so big that I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

So for the past two weeks that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’m pleased to say that most days I’ve done – or started – everything on the list for that day.

I’ve been sticking the notes up on the side of my bookcase just as a reminder of all the things I’ve actually achieved over the past two weeks.

It really has made a difference.


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