P365 – Day 317 – fruits of our labour (Sunday Selections)

Since it’s Sunday and I took a lot of photos today, I thought I would join in Kim’s Sunday Selections at Frogpondsrock  this week. I never seem to be able to get my act into gear to hook out some old unseen photos for Kim, so new ones will have to do.
But first, some context . . .
We went back to the Garden Club’s Flower and Horticultural Show this morning.
We were all very excited that Juniordwarf’s flower had won a certificate – he got first place for the model flower class and also best exhibit for the under 6s age group category.
There were some lovely floral exhibits, and a fantastic display of local produce, including our friends at Two Metre Tall, Kinvarra Estate, where we went earlier in the year, Stefano Lubiana Wines and Cracknell Tomatoes.

Lil Sis, Mr Tall and Nanna came to visit us and to see the flower show, and we all went out for lunch afterwards. 
This afternoon Juniordwarf and I went back to pick up his model and his certificates. We decided to go for a walk before we went home, and we ended up in the park at the end of the main street, where Juniordwarf had a great time exploring the fountain and smelling the roses.

5 thoughts on “P365 – Day 317 – fruits of our labour (Sunday Selections)

  1. permanently amanda

    Oh yay for Juniordwarf, that must have been very thrilling for him! :)Those floral pictures are just bursting with colour. I haven't been to a flower show in years, I'm not sure if they do one locally, but we tend to go to the big one in town if we can. I really love to check out the flower arranging section 🙂


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