P365 – Day 332 – beans!

When I got home from work this afternoon, the first thing Juniordwarf wanted to show me was some beans that he and his friends had grown at their daycare centre. He was so excited about it, I just had to smile.

Slabs said that they were the first thing Juniordwarf showed him when he went to pick him up from daycare, and that he was really excited then too.

Juniordwarf said that he and I would share them tomorrow. Somehow they are going to be present at a puppet show that Juniordwarf will be doing tomorrow. He’s doing this to make up for missing out on the puppet show at the Child and Family Centre site celebration on Saturday that was cancelled due to the rain. I’m not sure that he actually even has any puppets, so this might be interesting.

I love five year old logic.

I’m still not too sure what the connection between the beans and the puppet show is. I’m sure I’ll find out though.

A good thing about all this was that he was so proud of his beans that he let me take a photo of him holding them. He does that now: stuff he’s proud of can be photographed (sometimes), but he has to completely over-pose for it. Once I’ve taken the photo, he says: “that was a good one”.

I’m just happy he lets me take a photo, because he’s become very resistant to photos lately.

Now I just wish the stuff in our vege garden would grow so he can get excited about that too.


2 thoughts on “P365 – Day 332 – beans!

  1. I think the "sharing" might mean eating one each for dinner. Can you perhaps talk him into saving one of the seeds from one of the pods to grow next season? it would have to be dried first. Then he could grow some at home…

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