east coast retreat (sunday selections)

I’m linking up with River for Sunday Selections today with some photos of our recent getaway.

We went away for a few days to the East Coast of Tasmania. It’s not an area I know well, though I have visited parts of the coast previously and I have vague memories of going to some of the north-east towns as a child.

We had a very quiet time in a beachside town called Beaumaris, which is between St Helens and Scamander. We stayed in a fabulous self-contained house that allowed pets, so Sleepydog was able to come with us.

Juniordwarf was delighted by the choice of beds (two double bedrooms and a kids room with a bunk) and the fact that the “play room” had a TV and a DVD player.

We deliberately didn’t plan to do anything, just to get away and relax. The weather wasn’t the greatest for a coastal holiday, but I like the coast on misty wet days, so I didn’t mind too much.

I won’t say much more other than I don’t think I ever needed a break more than I did before we went away.

The house we stayed at.

Juniordwarf wanted to build a sandcastle.

Construction (mostly by Slabs) complete.

Moody closeup of the sandcastle.

I wanted to get some sunrise photos. 

Not very spectacular when the sky is overcast.

We went to Pyengana Dairy to taste some cheese.

This is really pretty countryside around Pyengana, just inland from St Helens.

Priscilla the beer drinking pig at the Pub in the Paddock.

Lunch at the Pub in the Paddock at Pyengana.

St Columba Falls near Pyengana. Stunning. Breathtaking.

You can see the top of the falls from the road.

The beaches at Beaumaris.

Juniordwarf attacked by a freak wave at Binalong Bay (this was very funny).

Near Binalong Bay

The Gardens

The Gardens

The Gardens

The Gardens

The Gardens

Attempted panorama at The Gardens.

The Gardens

Iron House Brewery

Ironhouse Porter and the view from the brewery.

5 thoughts on “east coast retreat (sunday selections)

  1. sleepydwarf

    Thanks River πŸ™‚ The Pub in the Paddock literally is in a paddock – in the middle of some beautiful dairy farming country. it was really misty and pretty. I much prefer that type of weather to summer anyway.

  2. River

    "We deliberately didn't plan to do anything"….that's often the best plan of all. No rushing to get here or there, just sit back and do whatever you want, when you want. Like building sandcastles, or photographing very blue sunrises. That's a great photo by the way, the blue is amazing!I like the name The Pub In The Paddock and had a giggle at the Iron House Brewery…"strong" beer there!Thank you so much for joining in and sharing these photos.

  3. The Elephant's Child

    That looked like an amazing break away. I was really impressed with your sunrise shots – and giggled at the freak wave. As I went through I kept thinking this one is my favourite – no it isn't this is. Essentially I loved them all. Thank you. Lots.


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