Go West! part 2

Following on from our journey to the West Coast, today’s post is some pictures from in and around Strahan, where we stayed for three nights.

We didn’t do any of the cruises, or the train trip or the seaplane flights that Strahan has in abundance. Instead we pottered around the town, went to the edge of Tasmania, walked through a beautiful forest to Hogarth Falls, and saw a play.  (The play (The Ship That Never Was) was great – it has been running in Strahan for 20 years.)

Here’s some of what we did and saw.

My take on the postcard shot of Strahan
Strahan wharf

Strahan wharf

Strahan wharf – I loved how the shimmering water was reflected on the boat
Strahan from across the bay

Strahan from across the bay
Entrance to the harbour, from the Strahan cemetery
The very funny play “The Ship That Never Was”

Some of the interesting old buildings near the waterfront
Ocean Beach. Next stop: South America

Arty boaty shot

Ocean Beach. Wild West

Near Hogarth Falls in Strahan

Cool rainbow in Hogarth Falls


4 thoughts on “Go West! part 2

  1. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi – and yay for another Hobart blogger! Truly my favourite kind 🙂 Lovely pic of Hogarth Falls btw!

  2. Thanks River 🙂 The postcard shot is pretty much identical in composition to the postcards, it's such a pretty view no wonder its such a popular shot. And the rainforest is beautiful. So peaceful, then you get to the falls and it's like a raging wall of water.

  3. The photos are all so beautiful! I love ocean Beach, next stop South America and that stream near Hogarth Falls. The first one really does look like a postcard.

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