hamilton show layout

On the occasions I actually sit down and do some scrapbooking, I’ve been going back to some old photos and making some fairly simple layouts just to get the pictures out of the box and into the album.

Here’s one I finished recently. It’s a double layout from the 2007 Hamilton Show. 

I used some old Kaisercraft papers for this layout. I had some papers from this collection (“Party Animals”) in my stash, but not the one I wanted, so I had to dig through a rather huge pile of papers that no one wants any more at the scrapbooking shop to find it. The alphas are also by Kaisercraft, coloured with a combination of paints that I mixed for ages and still didn’t quite get to match the paper.


4 thoughts on “hamilton show layout

  1. Thanks River. I guess scrapbooking is my relax therapy thing. I didn't really get why people were so into it until I started doing it. That said, I still don't really go much for the elaborately embellished pages – my aim is really to get the photos in albums rather than anguish over what to do with them. Although my work in progress file says otherwise 😉

  2. It's a very nice layout. I toyed with the idea of scrapbooking, but really, I'd rather just read a book. I have photos in albums and they're rarely looked at, and 99% have been scanned into the computer as well. There's a couple of boxes of loose photos somewhere, but probably buried deep in the back corners of high cupboards, I'll think about them while I read a book….can you tell I'm lazy?

  3. It looks great. I've been sorting through old family photos – over 2,000 of them – but I'm just sorting them roughly into family groups (not always easy) and scanning them in.

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