12 of 12 september 2013

Another catch up post. This time it’s September’s 12 of 12 post (see the August post for an explanation of what 12 of 12 is all about).

Thursday the 12th of September and Juniordwarf woke up very mopey, and said he didn’t feel normal. We let him stay home and he rested most of the morning, and even had a couple of sleeps. We had soup for lunch and by mid-afternoon he was much better, which was lucky because we were going to take cupcakes to school on Friday for his birthday.

1 of 12 – One of Juniordwarf’s jobs is to let the chooks out in the morning, collect the eggs and shut them up in the evening. Today letting them out became my job.

2 of 12 – It was cold this morning. I had to get the ice sheet out of one of the chooks’ water dishes.

3 of 12 – This was taken at 8.25 am, so I expect it was colder than this earlier in the morning.

4 of 12 – I also got to collect the eggs today. This one was a bit weird.

5 of 12 – The little boy in his dressing gown, asleep in Mum & Dad’s bed. No light, hence the grainy photo.

6 of 12 – I see these bright yellow flowers out of the kitchen window every morning. I have no idea what plant this is, but the flowers come before the leaves, so there is a sea of yellow outside.

7 of 12 – An absolute disaster. I had “buy coffee” on my to-do list today. Luckily my local coffee shop sells beans, but I wasn’t able to get there until after lunch when Juniordwarf was feeling better and we had to go out and get cupcake supplies. So I had to survive the morning with only two coffees. Unthinkable!

8 of 12 – By cupcake baking time Juniordwarf was much better. He definitely needed the rest. I’m not so sure about eating the drips of cake batter from the bench though.

9 of 12 – Juniordwarf used to teach Teddy School for ages. Then earlier this year, Teddy School stopped. But it’s going to start again this weekend. There will only be six teddies at school (because that’s the number of hooks he has behind his bedroom door). There are five hooks already allocated: Billy Noisy, Kangaroo Cook, Dan, Pete and Zoe. The other one is reserved for James, who is Danielle’s (the teddies’ mother) new baby, born after the teddies’ father Winston died. (James looks exactly like Winston – would you believe it.) It doesn’t matter that babies can’t actually talk and don’t go to school. The other teddies will look after him.

10 of 12 – Cupcakes. Experiments with various mixes of flours and sugars (and possibly lacking some baking soda in some cases).

11 of 12 – Cupcakes. The finished product.

12 of 12 – It’s getting late and I’m running out of ideas for photos. I’ve fallen in love with leggings lately. These are from one of my favourite stores, Keshet, in Hobart. They might or might not know me by name in there now.

7 thoughts on “12 of 12 september 2013

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  3. sleepydwarf

    My most embarrassing Keshet moment was seeing someone from work in there one day when I bought something, then after I went back the next day to buy something else, walking out of the shop & there was the same work person walking past. (I then had to go back the next day to change something over and I was terrified I'd see her again on the way out.) I love their bright colours. Makes a change from my dreary black wardrobe.And no, the funny egg only happened the one time.

  4. Snuva

    A nice 12 of 12! I'm glad M recovered with just a good bit of rest – and cupcake batter. Is the chook still laying funny eggs? I like Keshet as well, but I tend to get things and then get scared of how bright they are! 🙂


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