find me friday #4

I’ve been involuntarily internet-less all week, so I have a few posts to catch up on.

But it’s Friday, and I’m determined to actually do a Find Me Friday post on the right day for once.

Last week’s puzzle was too easy for Snuva, who says she knows this building well.

ImageIt’s the Hobart Animal Hospital on the corner of Murray and Brisbane Streets – or 198 Murray Street.

ImageI’ve never been there, but the building always catches my eye when I walk past. I like the round corners.

ImageI haven’t been able to find out anything about the building at all. So this is a very short post today.

UPDATE (7/2/2014):

The Hobart Animal Hospital on the corner of Murray and Brisbane Streets was, at one time, the Sir John Franklin Hotel, which, according to C.J. Dennison in the book “Here’s Cheers: A Pictorial History of Hotels, Inns & Taverns in Hobart” , was first listed in 1847.

He says that the hotel was “part of a nest of brothels that had sprung up in that area of Hobart, in a precinct centring on hotels around the Lamb Inn, which was a little further down Brisbane Street”.  The site of the Lamb Inn is now occupied by Freedom Furniture.

This week’s puzzle is this place:

ImageDo you know where this is? Leave me a comment and check back (approximately) this time next week to find out if you’re right.

And if you know anything about the history 198 Murray Street, please let me know.


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