Bruny – day 3

The final day of our mini break and it was time to pack up the campsite and head home.

We weren’t sure what the queue for the ferry would be like, and didn’t want to get home too late, so we decided to just do a couple of things on the way back to Roberts Point.

ImageAfter a quick coffee at Adventure Bay, we headed to the Berry Farm for morning tea.

We got there before it opened, but a friend had told us about a pretty little beach nook near the Berry Farm, which (if we’d found the spot she was talking about) we agreed was gorgeous. We went for a walk before the Berry Farm opened.

It’s called Two Tree Point, which is at the mouth of Resolution Creek. Can you see why?

ImageThere is a board nearby that outlines the history of the area.  It says that the area is listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

ImageIt has “historic and and cultural significance as it is able to demonstrate an important aspect of Tasmania’s history. The area has changed little since 1792 and is evocative of the landscape that would have been experienced by 18th century European explorers.”


The board shows a picture painted by Lieutenant Tobin, the Principal Artist on Captain Bligh’s 1792 expedition aboard the Provenance. It is thought that the two trees that overlook the bay today are the same two that were painted by Lieut Tobin, though according to the Heritage Tasmania website, this has not been conclusively been established. If they are the same trees, this means they are at least 250 years old.

Either way, it’s a very pretty spot and I’m glad we had the chance to stop there.


We walked over the road to the Berry Farm.


Unfortunately we weren’t there at the right time to pick any berries, but made up for that with morning tea.


And after that, what better place to go than the chocolate factory


Yes, Bruny has so much great food, it was going to be hard to leave.

We tasted the delicious fudge and had to buy some. Well, we needed a present for our friend who was looking after our animals while we were away. We might have also had to buy some for ourselves too.


Our final stop before heading back to Roberts Point was the Neck Lookout.


There were steps.


Re-igniting memories of Lady Barron Falls, Slabs counted them. 237.


The view was worth the climb. There were clear views both to the north


and south.


I’m glad we came here today instead of yesterday when it was gloomy and overcast. That was great for the lighthouse, but wouldn’t have made good viewing from the top of 237 steps.

The Neck is also the place you come to see the little penguins come to shore at dusk. That experience is on our to-do list for next time.

So after a fun morning, all that was left to do was to drive back to Roberts Point to catch the ferry. We arrived at the gate shortly after the previous ferry had just left, and the queue was about three cars when we arrived, so we had just under an hour to wait.


And then the ferry arrived.


We were on it, and our mini-break was over.

Farewell Bruny.


You are lovely, and we’ll be back.

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