about stepping on the cracks

20171008 Taking the picture off the mat

Hi! I’m Barb. I’m a photo-documenter and writer living in Hobart, Tasmania. My aim is to explore my world and to document, in words and images, the beauty I find there.

I’m a nerdy introvert who craves silence and solitude. I stand on the sidelines and I gravitate towards the shadows. I love straight lines and angles. I colour inside the lines, mostly in shades of black and white.

I’m a pedantic perfectionist with a fear of failure and a fear of success. I over-analyse everything and I hate making mistakes. I care too much about what other people think of me.

Despite finding comfort in the known and the predictable, I love to contradict myself. I look for all the shades of grey in life and I delight in discovering things that are what they are not. Or that are not what they are.

I’ve learnt that, while I embrace who I am, it’s good to mix things up and not always follow the plan. Some days I step on the cracks instead of avoiding them, I colour outside the lines and I break the rules. I encourage myself to try new things for the sake of trying them, just to see what happens.

This blog is the story of my adventures in colouring outside the lines. In 2018 I took another step way out of my comfort zone and made a blog for my images — straightlinesgirl images.

People you might come across in my stories
Kramstable. The Boy. 13.
Slabs. The husband.
Lil Sis. The sister.
Mr Tall. The brother-in-law.

1 thought on “about stepping on the cracks

  1. Ruth Brozek

    Hi sleepy, I was interested in your earlier blog about the Dunalley Hotel and your Dorman connection. Would like to know more, as I’m researching our home, which was a Dorman home too.


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