it’s all about me

stepping on the cracks

20171008 Taking the picture off the mat

I am a nerdy introvert. I like straight lines. I like to colour inside the lines. I’m a pedantic perfectionist with a fear of failure and a fear of success. I like the known and the predictable. I care what other people think about me. I love my comfort zone.

I want to find out what it’s like to step on the cracks instead of avoiding them. I want to make art that is chaotic and unpredictable and doesn’t stay within the lines. I want to try new things for the sake of trying them to see what happens. I want to explore more, to create more, and to make my world a more colourful place. I want to be braver, stronger, kinder. I want to be me and no longer care what anyone else thinks about me.

In 2018 I took a step way out of my comfort zone and made a blog for my images — straightlinesgirl images.

What I’m about. I walk a bit. I like beer. I don’t eat sugar. I meditate. I like making photos. I’m addicted to my phone. Real food. No Colesworths. ex-Norfickchick. Working mum. Re-evaluating my relationship with scrapbooking. Went to the mainland and came back. #couldnthackit Member of several cults.

People you might come across in my stories
Kramstable. The Boy. Almost 12.
Slabs. The husband.
Lil Sis. The sister.
Mr Tall. The brother-in-law.


One thought on “it’s all about me

  1. Hi sleepy, I was interested in your earlier blog about the Dunalley Hotel and your Dorman connection. Would like to know more, as I’m researching our home, which was a Dorman home too.

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