the year is 1/3 over

It’s the end of April. Well actually we’re almost a week into May, but I’ve been so frantically busy at work I hadn’t noticed. So it’s still the end of April as far as I’m concerned.

This means it’s time for my end of month review of my 100 things to do in 2013

I think I missed the March update, so that means there should be heaps I’ve done since the last update, right?

Not necessarily, but still, I’ve made some progress and I’m happy.

1. Improve my eating habits to make at least 90% of my diet free of processed food

I think I’m getting there. Cutting out food (or “edible foodlike substances”) with added sugar has eliminated much of the processed food. I still have a long way to go though.

2. Reach my target weight (lose about the same again as I lost in 2012)

I’m getting closer. The best sign is that I can now fit into the post-huge-weight-loss-before-I-got-pregnant-and-stacked-it-all-back-on-again jeans and have discarded a lot of clothes that have started to hang off me. I’m far from being my ideal size, but I’m no longer 20 kg overweight.

11. Finish the DVD from our 2011 holiday for Juniordwarf

If my computer hadn’t decided to spit the dummy and make every attempt to edit a movie into the most agonisingly painfully slow process, I would have done this by now. I need to fix up a couple of minor glitches, but apart from that it’s done. 

19. Blog at least three times a week

Um, no.

23. Get back into yoga

This is happening most mornings. And Juniordwarf is joining me.

26. Buy decent walking shoes


27. Go to a National Park I’ve never been to

We went to the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park on our way to the West Coast. If you want to be really pedantic, I have been there before. We stopped off at the picnic area for a short break on our holiday about 10 years ago.  But we didn’t actually look around or anything, so in my mind (and it’s my blog, so my rules) that doesn’t count. So this trip was the first time I’ve actually been there.

53. Get a notice board for the kitchen

I ordered it last week.

56. Order the new blind for the dining room

We decided we didn’t need this. 

62. Go to MONA


76. Change my hair colour

I went darker for a while. It looked shit and made me look washed out. I’m glad it was semi-permanent and has gone now.

85. Avoid footy tipping 

I’m not in any tipping competition, and Fridays are a lot less stressful now.

96. Keep better track of my spending & the household budget 

I have a spreadsheet. I use it regularly. It is quite a thing to behold.

98. Stop using the couch as storage 

I’m getting better at this. 

So things are slowly happening. It’s nice to be able to cross things off the list.



adventures in antiques #1

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There are at least eight shops that I can think of that I would need to visit to achieve this. In theory this shouldn’t be too difficult. I could probably go to them all in one day, but they would be pretty rushed visits and I don’t think that’s what I had in mind when I wrote the list in January.
The way I’m going on getting through my list, going to one shop will be a challenge. However, I’ve come up with a plan. I thought of it after our visit to the Copping Museum last Sunday. 
The iconic sign at the front of the museum
I said to Juniordwarf that it was just like one of our local antique shops that we sometimes go into (for completely non-antique reasons, so these visits don’t count as part of the task). He agreed.
I took a few pictures of things that caught my eye in the museum, and I thought it might be fun to go to a different shop each week, take some pictures of things that I like and post them on here, as a gallery of stuff that interested me on the day. Not promotion or advertising or anything like that, just stuff I see in the shops that I like. If the owner of the shop is happy to let me do this.
So in anticipation of taking on this project some time soon, here is my selection of things in the Copping Museum that jumped out at me, aka Adventures in Antiques Part 1.

Steel beer cans

Imagine one of these in your kitchen

Love the old radios

Stack of car rego plates

Another radio. Well before my time.

I wonder whose number was 84

My parents always had a bottle of this at home. Rarely opened.

Reminded me of my Dad

Juniordwarf loved this selection of “babies”

Old school music

Try explaining this to a 6 year old

february catch up

Item number 19 on my 100 things to do in 2013: Blog at least three times a week.
Number of posts in February: five.
That doesn’t quite add up, does it?
I’ve started writing several posts and either never finished them, or decided I didn’t want to publish them after all. Or I’ve thought, why would anyone want to read that, and given up.
Not really what I had in mind when I wrote the list and decided I wanted to blog more often.
Now it’s the start of a new month.  It’s time to review the past month and (possibly) get inspired to blog again.
So what’s happened?
Project Life
I’m pretty much up to date with this and just have a few more photos to print for February, and then I should have a few layouts to share. I also managed to finish not one, but two layouts in the “in progress” album. Progress indeed.
These are the posts I’ve been struggling with. I really don’t know what to write without looking like I’m trying to justify myself or defend what I’m doing. 
That looks so stupid now that I’ve written it down. I don’t have to justify making healthy changes to my life. Quitting sugar is the way I decided to start. There are a lot of opinions about whether sugar is really so bad. I don’t know the answer to this one. 
Anyway, the quit sugar thing has really turned into quitting a lot of the processed food with added sugar, which is what I’ve been trying to do (see Item 1 on the list). So I haven’t followed the Quit Sugar program completely. I’m still eating small amounts of fruit (which the program says to cut out, and reintroduce later on when you’ve broken the sugar addiction if you want to).
Apart from that I’ve been sugar-free, other than a couple of meals that other people have cooked that have had an ingredient that contains sugar, for six weeks now. I’ve politely refused desserts, have been into coffee shops and ignored the cakes and haven’t so much as even looked at the 85% chocolate in my fridge. (It’s there for me to test whether having not eaten sugar for an extended time changes the taste of that type of chocolate – whether it actually will taste sweet to me.) And I haven’t really felt like I’m missing out or depriving myself.
One thing I’ve noticed is that my coffee has started to taste quite sweet now from the lactose in the milk. I’ve never had sugar in coffee, so this is quite a strange sensation. 
I’m happy with how things are going at the moment, and I’m continuing to read about food and trying (most of the time) to make the best choices for me. 
As soon as I read that exercise can make you fat I gave up exercise.
Well not really, since to give up something, you actually have to be doing it first.
But seriously, I have been doing some form of exercise most days, even if it’s just walking to work. At the start of the year my goal was to be walking 15,000 steps a day and to get back into yoga. It’s still my intention to do both of those things.
I bought a yoga DVD a couple of weeks ago and have been getting up earlier most mornings to do one of the routines. Juniordwarf has been joining me, which is fun. 
Next Month
I do want to blog more often. At least, more than five times in the month.
Related: does anyone have any regular link-ups that they participate in that are fun? I did Wordless Wednesday once and then promptly forgot about it . . . 

100 things – January review

I’ve decided to do a monthly review post of where I’m up to with my 100 things to do in 2013 list. 
This way the list doesn’t just become something I write at the start of the year and shove in the back of a folder never to be seen again.
As well as this, I’ve put a page on the top of the blog that I’m updating occasionally. 
Many of the things are ongoing tasks or projects (or new habits that I want to get into), so there isn’t a lot I can actually cross off the list.
However, I can report that I have crossed off Number 33 (read Sweet Poison) and Number 97 (take down the not-an-Xmas tree). 
I really love crossing things off a list. It’s very satisfying.

organising the 100 things

A few days after I wrote my list of 100 things to do in 2013 I went back over it to work out exactly how and when I’m going to do all those things.

It occurred to me that I could look at the list in several different ways.

There were lots of things that related to improving my health, and lots about getting organised and staying on top of things. There were things I could group as (for lack of a better term) sorting my head out, others about keeping records of my life, exploring my world, creating, gardening, doing stuff with my family . . . and the categories go on.

Some of the things I want to do are one-off jobs. Do them and they are crossed off the list. Others are habits I want to get into over the year and others are multi-step projects.

So I spent a bit of time this week sorting the list. Because, despite outward appearances, I like things to be in order and logically sequenced. It doesn’t mean I do them. It’s most likely a procrastination tool that stops me getting things done. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I thought that a lot of what I want to do could be worked into a resolution (or commitment) chart, which I first came across when I read Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project.

I picked out a couple of things that I wanted to start doing every day (the “habits” from the list) and have made an all new chart for 2013 in an attempt to keep on top of things. The idea is that once I’ve started to make the first couple of things into habits that I actually do, I’ll gradually add in some more things from the list so that by the end of the year I will have all the new habits I want to develop. Or at least some of them.

It’s a bit more structured than what I’m used to, especially for my personal life. But I’ve felt very unsettled ever since we started the moving house journey back in July, and I feel like I need some structure so that I can get back some control over my life.

And, just so this isn’t an entirely photo-free post, last night I started work on my One Little Word project. I cut, I stamped, I washi taped and I bradded (if that’s an actual word). I also managed to drip my stamp cleaner fluid into one of my ink pads, which I don’t think is particularly good for the ink pad.

Also, this is what happens when you give your six-year-old your phone.