Week in review: 16-22 February 2015

This week’s goals:

  • 17,000 steps per day – 6/7 days. Weekly total 137,518 (daily average 19,645)
  • [Private Goal] – 0/7 days
  • Go to bed before midnight (baby steps!) – 5/7 days – 3 of which were 11.55, but it all counts!

This week was a quiet week. Still settling back into school routines and trying to get to grips with new arrangements. Library day is different, PE day is different, music day is different – all good fun to try and remember. I’m trying to put my own morning habits and routines into back place as well as trying to get Juniordwarf to do things like get his stuff out the night before instead of racing round in the morning looking for it.

We’ll get there in the end. Probably the end of term, when it will all fall to pieces again at holiday time.

We spent the weekend at Bacchus Marsh with family to celebrate a significant birthday. It’s not a place I ever would have thought to visit otherwise, but it turned out to be a delightful town, with some lovely old buildings and very friendly people.

The clouds looked like mountains in the sky

The clouds looked like mountains in the sky

It was a very hot weekend, but we had a great time with Slabs’ family and I think his parents must have been thrilled to have all their kids in one place, as it doesn’t happen very often.

Slabs and I took the opportunity of having 6 babysitters to get away for a couple of hours and have lunch at the Bacchus Hill winery.  I mean seriously, what else would you do at somewhere called Bacchus?

Bacchus Hill Winery

Bacchus Hill Winery


Wine time back at home!

Bacchus Hill Winery

Bacchus Hill Winery

We enjoyed the wine and the food a lot, and Slabs appreciated being somewhere with a bigger range of reds than most Tasmanian wineries produce. Unfortunately, not having any checked baggage with us, taking some home wasn’t an option, so we’ll just have to go back next time we visit the area.

Impresario Theatre

Impresario Theatre

Bacchus Marsh Court House

Bacchus Marsh Court House

Lerderderg Library

Lerderderg Library

Werribee River

Werribee River

It was 36 degrees or something equally horrific when we got home, and the house was like a hot box. Sleep proved to be very difficult on Sunday night.

Next week’s goals:

  • 19,000 steps per day.
  • [Private Goal]
  • Go to bed before 11.45 pm.

it’s been a busy year

Regular readers of this blog (if I still have any left) will notice that this is my first post in over three months.

I’m not really sure where to take this blog now. In 2011 I achieved my goal of blogging my 365 Project every day, and earlier this year I managed to post semi-regularly, which dropped down to almost never.

As the year went on I felt like I didn’t need to blog like I did last year. It wasn’t as important, and there was no real incentive to do it. So I didn’t.

Part of me says maybe it’s time to get rid of it. I don’t really see myself as a “blogger”,  I don’t interact with a lot of people’s blogs (and those that I do are mostly people I know personally), and I’m not really into the blogging “scene”.

On the other hand, I like having this space. I can post things when I want to get something out there, or share stuff with my family, friends and readers (and any random strangers who happen to pass by . . .)

The upshot is I’m not sure. If I do keep it, I want to try and post more regularly than I have this year.

So while I’m thinking about it, here are some of the things I might have posted about this year if I’d been blogging more often.

First up, we moved house in October, so from the time we made the offer on the new house in July to now, when things are almost as we need them to be in the new house, my life has been mostly packing, decluttering, getting a house ready to sell, more packing, moving, unpacking, moving stuff around, more unpacking, more decluttering. And that has resulted in me being six months behind in my Project Life album for 2012, among other things.

Just some of the packing that had to take place

 Following in Slabs’ footsteps, both Juniordwarf and I started our own radio shows on the local community radio station.

We opened the bottle of Millennium Ale that we’d had sitting around since, well 1999.

I had a hair cut after about nine months of not being bothered to pick up the phone and make a hair appointment. Goodbye long hair (again).

 We chased a rainbow up the river.

 Juniordwarf turned six.

 We made the occasional visit to the Two Metre Tall Farm Bar, and Juniordwarf enjoyed the puddles.

I participated in the Walk To Work Day photo competition and my photo collage made the Top 20. I also participated in a 10,000 Steps pedometer challenge and (just) met my goal of 1 million steps in ten weeks.

My boy picked me some flowers

Juniordwarf continue to improve his swimming.

We had a weekend in Launceston to celebrate our wedding anniversary

Re-enacting our wedding. What?

Family snapshot

We saw a baby monkey at City Park

The Chairlift at Cataract Gorge

Stopover at Holm Oak Wines . . .

. . . and Moores Hill

Willow Court Open Day. This is the Barracks.

I got to know Mrs Spider (with seven legs), who resided on my kitchen window, until I had to move her so that we could fit the window screens, and sadly she never came back.

We got some chickens. Say goodbye to the vege garden.

A new local market was set up in December and I was the lucky winner of their first email prize. It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing the market grow in the new year.

Merry Xmas from Juniordwarf!

Yes, it really is Xmas.

And that’s the past six months in a nutshell.  As to where I go from here, well I’m still thinking.

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

P365 – Day 305 – the best dog in the world (01/11/2011)

Before Sleepydog, there was The Best Dog In The World.

Slabs and I got TBDITW when we were living in Canberra. We both agreed that we wanted a male, and Slabs was very keen on getting a blue heeler, so when we saw an ad in the paper for blue heeler cross pups for $50 we decided to go and have a look.

What appears to have happened in the creation of these adorable little pups is that the ridgeback breeder’s Mummy Ridgeback had an unwelcome visit from a local blue heeler x mongrel.

When he heard that some of the pups had got their mum’s ridge, Slabs decided that he wanted one of the ridged pups. There were only two boys with the ridge; one was running round madly in the hot sun, and the other one was tucked up well out of the heat under the guy’s trailer. Obviously he was the smarter one.

He was very cute, and we fell in love with him on the spot and took him home.

We never knew when his birthday was – all we knew was it was in early November, so we decided that we’d celebrate his birthday on Melbourne Cup day every year. 
Today The Best Dog In The World would have been 13.
Unfortunately he didn’t make it to his teens. He was only seven when he was diagnosed with lymphoma, a few months into my pregnancy.
We tried chemotherapy with him and he was okay for a little while, but ultimately we knew that his quality of life just wasn’t there and it wasn’t fair to put him through this for the very brief periods that he was OK. So we made the heartbreaking decision, just two weeks after Juniordwarf’s arrival into our lives, to say goodbye to him.
I don’t want to dwell on that, because it was an incredibly difficult time for us. I want to remember the good times we had with him, because they are precious memories that I will never forget.
Like the way he triumphed at dog training school on the day of the graduation test, after being almost impossible to train for the whole course – he came third, which surprised everyone there, most of all me. 
Our holiday to country Victoria where he came with us in the car because he was part of the family. The way he and Sleepydog used to wrestle, fight and chase each other round the yard. Just like human siblings!

The day a huge kangaroo came into our yard that set the duck off, but TBDITW only bothered to go and check out what was happening when I got up to find out what all the noise was about. The night he came home from the vet after his ‘operation’ and we felt so bad about what we’d done to him we slept on the floor in the lounge room with him. The way he’d got so used to travelling in the car that he hated going on the back of the ute when we got it.
So many fantastic memories of such a wonderful dog.

P365 – Day 290 – birthday festivities continue

My other birthday present from Slabs arrived in the mail today – a gift pack from Disaster Bay Chillies

With a name like that, what’s not to like?

The gift pack includes Chipotle Sauce, Chilli Wine Jelly, Spicy Kasoundi and (wait for it) Hot Chilli Wine – made not from grapes, but from chillies. 

Apparently the wine is best served chilled. According to the website:

the rich fruit flavours will enliven your palate, whilst a distinctive silky sweetness balances the heat of the chillies to leave a warm inner glow. A perfect accompaniment to cheese or natural oysters. Once opened, Hot Chilli Wine can happily remain in the refrigerator for several months.

It all sounds divine!

We also tried the cake after dinner tonight. Very yummy.

And for the final picture for today, it was so cold overnight it snowed. Lucky Lil Sis and Mr Tall went up the mountain to play in the snow, while I got to look at it from my window at work.

By mid-afternoon the day had warmed up and the snow had all gone.

P365 – Day 289 – flourless chocolate and orange cake

I was going to make a cake on Thursday, but I couldn’t be bothered. I had so much more stuff to do!

Today was wet, raining and cold, so it was the perfect opportunity.

I made this cake last year (yes, I only make one cake a year), and it was divine, so I thought I might as well try it again.

The oranges – before and after

Melting dark chocolate and butter

You need 8 eggs!

Beating the eggs & caster sugar

A lot of almond meal

Beating in the almond meal, oranges and chocolate

Into the pan
The baking time is meant to be about one hour and 25 minutes. I lost track of time after about two and a half hours. I remember it took a similarly long time last time I did it. 
But it’s worth the wait.
I realise that this post isn’t going to be complete without a picture of the finished product, but as with most things I cook, it is not a particularly beautiful cake to look at. 

So there might be an update later in the night when the cake’s cut. Or there might not. If you want to see what it’s supposed to look like, go and look at the recipe – that one looks pretty much perfect.

P365 – Day 286 – a day in the life

Apparently it’s my birthday today. I took the day off work, because I really don’t like to be at work on my birthday. Last year I had Juniordwarf with me – this year he was at school, so I had a rare day at home by myself.

Here are some photos of what I did today.

Juniordwarf ‘helping’ open my presents.
Whose birthday is it again?

Waterfall card from the wonderfully talented Lil Sis


Catching up on my blog

Playing in my craft space

Wondering how I’m going to journal in all this.

Solution: put the writing somewhere else

Catching up on washing I didn’t do on Tuesday

The scary shed. Who dares enter . . . 

It’s starting to take shape

Time to say this is finished and to move onto the next project

Out to dinner

Well what other table would I want?

Entree tasting plate


Not a bad laksa. I’ll be back!

Cheers Mum, Happy Birthday.

P365 – Day 258 – happy birthday (15/09/2011)

Today was Juniordwarf’s birthday.
He’d been so excited about it: the holiday, being with Slabs’ family, getting a pirate cake . . . and he said he was going to wear his pirate suit all day.
When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted ‘a pink cake’, and ‘pink presents’. I asked what he actually wanted in the presents, and he said he wanted clothes and The Wonky Donkey. He was absolutely convinced he’d be getting that book, and he didn’t stop talking about it, so that was on the ‘definite’ list.
The plan was for us to take him to Questacon in the morning and then meet Slabs’ family at a park for lunch and a small party.
We gave him two presents in the morning, with the rest to come at the party. He was absolutely over the moon to get The Wonky Donkey (and we lost count of the number of times we played the CD in the car). I also decided that each birthday I was going to try and get him to make a hand print and write his name for a special scrapbooking page, so we had a bit of fun with some purple paint.
No doubt inspired by Fathers Day, Juniordwarf said he wanted breakfast in bed, so we let him eat his toast in bed.
He had a wonderful time at Questacon. He particularly loved the Earthquake house and the roller coaster simulator, as well as the kids section, Mini-Q.

We met up with Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Purple Bee and Uncle Tee at the park, where Juniordwarf opened the rest of his presents and got his pirate cake that Slabs made yesterday.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park and then back at Aunty Purple Bee and Uncle Tee’s house, before going out for dinner.

We had a very tired little boy on our hands at the end of the day.