P365 – Day 262 – flowers (19/09/2011)

Our last day.
Juniodwarf, Slabs and I went to Floriade, Canberra’s annual spring festival with Grandma.

We had a couple of hours there. Juniordwarf loved smelling the flowers, even the ones that weren’t scented.

In amongst the stalls was the Chilli Factory, home of ‘the world’s hottest chilli’. They had free tastings, so I went straight for the ‘Devil’s Delirium’, which ranked 14/10 in hotness – but they actually have an ever hotter one. That pretty much killed my taste buds for the rest of the tasting. Slabs approached it more sensibly and started with the milder ones before attempting the hot one.
Juniordwarf went on a ride and on the jumping castle before it was time to go.
We went out for lunch and Juniordwarf had raw salmon sushi as they didn’t have any smoked salmon. He started eating it with a little squirt of soy sauce, then a mouthful. Despite his penchant for nuggets and chips, we’re really pleased with how he’s starting to try different types of food.
After than we spent a few more hours with Grandma and Grandad, then headed off to the airport on our way home.

Somehow Juniordwarf managed to stay awake not only for the whole flight, but also on the drive home, and he had his latest bed time ever, about 10.30.
Then we could collapse too.

P365 – Day 261 – picnicking (18/09/2011)

Slabs and I got a well-earned sleep in this morning, and the family got to experience the fun that is Juniordwarf waking up early on a Sunday morning!
We met Lil Sis and Mr Tall for a picnic lunch at Weston Park and a ride on the miniature railway
After we got off the train, Juniordwarf saw lots of kids were eating icecreams. The manipulation went like this: ‘Mu-um . . . other people are having ice cream’.
We’d heard there was a maze in the park too, but didn’t know where it was, so Mr Tall went to ask the people at the train station/kiosk about it. (It had gone.) 
Juniordwarf thought that Mr Tall was going to get him an ice cream, so he lined up behind him.
When he realised Mr Tall wasn’t getting ice cream, he came back to us and repeated his original statement.
It worked.

P365 – Day 260 – sight-seeing and partying (17/09/2011)

We went shopping this morning, then did a bit of sight-seeing. Or rather, we went to Parliament House. 
Juniordwarf loved the water feature at the front of Parliament House, and insisted on dipping his feet in.
After that, we drove up Mount Ainslie to show Juniordwarf Canberra from above.

In the afternoon we went to Aunty Purple Bee and Uncle Tee’s house for their birthday party and to toast them as they head off overseas to get married. 

Juniordwarf was especially excited because he was going to be allowed to sleep at Aunty Purple Bee’s house instead of coming back to the motel with us.

He’s getting a lot more confident dealing with Aunty Purple Bee’s dog.

Lil Sis and Mr Tall dropped in during the night too. They’re en route to Tasmania.

P365 – Day 259 – remembering (16/09/2011)

Today marked two years since my father passed away.

I wanted to do something to remember him, but wasn’t really sure what would be the right thing to do, especially since we’d be on holidays.

I decided that, as Dad had served in the military and had spent many hours in the War Memorial on his visits to Canberra, it would be ok to go there.

I took Juniordwarf with me, although he didn’t really understand what it was all about. Maybe when he’s older.

I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do when I was there, and it was difficult to really reflect. But I’m glad we went.

After the War Memorial we met up with a friend for lunch at the Dickson Asian Noodle House, which was my favourite place for laksa when I worked in Canberra. I’d been looking forward to this since, well, the last time we were in Canberra – about 18 months ago. Their laksa gets rave reviews, but this time, unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as usual, which was disappointing, as I’d waited so long.

Never mind. There’s always next time. In 2013!

At the playground in the morning

P365 – Day 258 – happy birthday (15/09/2011)

Today was Juniordwarf’s birthday.
He’d been so excited about it: the holiday, being with Slabs’ family, getting a pirate cake . . . and he said he was going to wear his pirate suit all day.
When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted ‘a pink cake’, and ‘pink presents’. I asked what he actually wanted in the presents, and he said he wanted clothes and The Wonky Donkey. He was absolutely convinced he’d be getting that book, and he didn’t stop talking about it, so that was on the ‘definite’ list.
The plan was for us to take him to Questacon in the morning and then meet Slabs’ family at a park for lunch and a small party.
We gave him two presents in the morning, with the rest to come at the party. He was absolutely over the moon to get The Wonky Donkey (and we lost count of the number of times we played the CD in the car). I also decided that each birthday I was going to try and get him to make a hand print and write his name for a special scrapbooking page, so we had a bit of fun with some purple paint.
No doubt inspired by Fathers Day, Juniordwarf said he wanted breakfast in bed, so we let him eat his toast in bed.
He had a wonderful time at Questacon. He particularly loved the Earthquake house and the roller coaster simulator, as well as the kids section, Mini-Q.

We met up with Grandma, Grandad, Aunty Purple Bee and Uncle Tee at the park, where Juniordwarf opened the rest of his presents and got his pirate cake that Slabs made yesterday.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the park and then back at Aunty Purple Bee and Uncle Tee’s house, before going out for dinner.

We had a very tired little boy on our hands at the end of the day.

P365 – Day 257 – travel-log Day 4 (14/09/2011)

Today was the last day of our road trip, from Tumut to Canberra.

Goodbye Grandma & Grandad

We did the obligatory stop at the Dog on the Tuckerbox (where Juniordwarf, upon learning that we didn’t know the Dog’s name, decided that its name was Charlotte). We’d stopped there the first time we took Juniordwarf to the mainland for a holiday, when he was seven months old, and he’d seen the pictures of us with the Dog, so he was very keen to go back there this time.

The Dog needs a good wash!
Following that, it was a long drive on the Hume Highway, via a last minute fuel stop at Yass. 

We stopped in at Shaw Vineyard at Murrumbateman, which was in a lovely location and had some very nice wines. We had to buy some of course.
Then a quick stop at Hall for lunch, then full steam ahead to Canberra (or more exactly, Queanbeyan) and our motel, before heading over to Juniordwarf’s aunt’s place to meet up with Slabs’ family.

Juniordwarf had a brilliant time playing with his aunt’s dog, who is just the right size for him to run around with, without being knocked over.

Tomorrow it’s his birthday, and he’s very excited!

P365 – Day 254 – travel-log day 1 (11/09/2011)

Today’s schedule:

Get up at 4.00 am for a 6.00 am flight to Canberra via Melbourne. Pick up hire car. Drive to Adaminaby via Cooma.

The map

Slabs and I gave Juniordwarf his own little trolley case as an advance birthday present yesterday, so he could have his things in his own bag. His choice of items to take was, um, interesting.

Hobart Airport

Sunrise above the clouds over Tasmania

The 4.00 am wake-up call was too much for some of us.

Melbourne to Canberra

We made a ‘surprise house call’ on Juniordwarf’s Aunt before hitting the Monaro Highway to Cooma.

Monaro Highway

We stopped in Cooma for lunch and for Juniordwarf to play in the playground.

Cooma murals and flag avenue

The Man from Snowy River

After lunch it was time for the last leg of today’s trip. The weather got worse and worse as we headed along the Snowy Mountains Highway to Adaminaby. Weather forecasts of possible snow at high altitudes, and thoughts of having to turn back to Canberra the next day were in the back of our minds.

Snowy Mountains Highway

We made it to Adaminaby, and took Juniordwarf to see the town’s biggest attraction – the Big Trout.

After a rest in our room and a visit to the motel’s games room, it was time for dinner at the Snow Goose, and a real sign that we were in NSW – schooners of beer!