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P365 – Day 361 – the pirate caterpillar (and year in review 8/12)

Juniordwarf helped me in the garden.
What I mean is, he played in his sandpit while I spent hours clearing out vegetation from various parts of our yard. Then he wanted me to fill his little clam shell pool up.
I didn’t want to say no, because I’d already told him we weren’t going to the pool today and I didn’t want to disappoint him again. But the clam shell pool is located off to the side of the house, under shadecloth, in the fenced off area where the dog can’t go, and I was working in the main yard.
He’s not at the age where he can be left unsupervised in water, so I had a problem.
Luckily there was a shady area just near where I was working, and the beauty of the clam shell pool is that it can be detached from the sand pit part and moved. So that’s what I did, and Juniordwarf played happily in his pool while I continued the clearing out process.
After he got out and had dried off, I told him he could put his same clothes back on. He didn’t want to, and insisted wearing an ensemble that included the green stripy pants that I’d made for his Very Hungry Caterpillar costume for Book Week
Ok, well they weren’t intended for general wear, but he didn’t seem to care. He put on his antenna headband and his pirate eye patch and announced that he was ‘the Pirate Caterpillar’.
I’m just glad that something I made has actually been worn more than once. 
And . . . now that I have my very own sewing machine (courtesy of Lil Sis, Mr Tall and my mother), I’ll be able to get out the pants pattern I used for the costume and make some more pants for Juniordwarf that fit around the waist and in the legs – something that has proven to be more and more of a challenge when shopping for clothes.
Year in Review (8/12)
Since my Project 365 is rapidly coming to an end, I’m going post a link to my favourite post from each month this year over the last 12 days of the year.
A post, and a day, I am really proud of. Somewhere between the miserable post from July that I posted yesterday and this one, I started to feel like I could make some of the changes in my life that I think I need to make. This is an example. 

P365 – Day 339 – i wear my mittens at night

Juniordwarf has two pairs of fingerless gloves. Red ones and blue ones.
He calls them ‘mitttens’.
Recently he’s started wearing his ‘mittens’ to bed, ‘to keep [his] hands warm’. Sometimes he wears socks too, to keep his feet warm.
Of course.

The funny thing about this is, he’s often wearing his short summer PJs at the same time. Even when the nights are very chilly, as they have been lately (summer, where?).  Perhaps he’s inherited his mother’s cold hands and feet. 

P365 – Day 304 – work shoes

Apparently I have three pairs of work pants.

I say apparently, because this morning when I got up at stupid o’clock to get ready for work I couldn’t find any of them. Not a single pair of work pants. Out of three pairs!

I could have worn a skirt instead . . .

. . . not bloody likely!

So I wore jeans.

I keep my rather flash shoes with the highest heels I own at work because I’m never going to wear them at home. So when I got to work I put them on to show that I wasn’t doing Casual Friday on a Monday.

I’m not sure that the hole in my jeans went any way to convincing anyone of this.

But I had my Work Shoes on.

Therefore, I was wearing a Work Outfit.

End of story.

P365 – Day 233 – dressing gown

Earlier in the week Slabs and Juniordwarf went shopping and they bought a dressing gown, which Juniordwarf was very excited about.
He took it with him to his grandmother’s place last night.
This morning we were outside doing some weeding when Juniordwarf and his grandmother arrived at our place. He got out of the car, and over the top of his clothes he was wearing his dressing gown.
Apparently he just ‘wanted to wear it’. As you do.
It conjured up images of old men in smoking jackets retiring to their oak-panelled studies, puffing on their pipes and sipping cognac.
Or Hugh Heffner.
He wandered around with it on for a while, chasing a ball that he found in the garden, calling his school friend on his toy phone and helping us with the weeding. (No, not really.)
Then he decided he wanted to take it off, and that was the end of that.

P365 – Day 230 – crafty mama (UPDATED 27/08/2011)


After telling Juniordwarf I’d make him a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume for his school’s Book Week celebrations this week, I had no choice but to come through with the goods.
Fortunately my ability to operate my mother’s sewing machine hadn’t deserted me, and I managed to come up with a reasonably respectable looking pair of green stripy pants last weekend.
During the week I roughly hand stitched some dark green stripes to Juniorddwarf’s green t-shirt and created some antennae out of a headband, pipecleaners and (bought, not made) pom poms. All I’d have to do in the morning was apply some face paint and we’d have ourselves a caterpillar.
Juniordwarf was very excited about dressing up. (It was also canteen day for him and, as a once a fortnight treat, I’m actually not sure if he was more excited about having canteen or dressing up!)
It all came together very smoothly.

Slabs and I both took him to school, and we hung around until the bell rang so we cold see all the other kids’ costumes as well. There was a huge range of book characters, and they all looked fantastic. The teachers made a huge effort too, although I wondered how some of them were going to make it through the day with costumes that looked decidedly uncomfortable.
They had a parade later in the morning, where Juniordwarf said all the kids had to tell everyone who they were. He said he was ‘a caterpillar’. It sounds like he really enjoyed it.
So I survived my first foray into actually creating a costume and, as he gets older, I’m expecting Juniordwarf to get involved too.
Fun times ahead!


When I was in my early teens, I used to read Dolly magazine. I don’t remember much about it, except that a very young Nicole Kidman once featured on the cover, and she was in an ad for a hair colour, I was once tempted to write to the advice column (but never did), and it was full of bad 80s fashion, hair and articles about what you could do with boys.

One year they ran this feature on how to make a pair of shorts in an hour, with this incredibly simple one-piece pattern that was so easy even I could whip up a funky pair of summer shorts.
And now to the actual point.
Last week we found out that Juniordwarf’s school would be doing a dress up day next week for book week. He decided he wanted to be the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Sure, I can do that.
After a bit of thought and a call out for help on Twitter, I remembered how easy it had been to make the Dolly shorts, so figured I could just find a similar pattern for kids pants and make a green pair that would match his green t-shirt. Add some pipe cleaners on a head-band for antennae and bang, instant caterpillar.

I found what looks like a pretty easy pattern from Dana Made It, bought some cheap green fabric, organised with my mother to use her sewing machine on the weekend, and tonight I set about getting everything ready.
It was all going well until I came to the bit where it said ‘trace the pattern to the fabric with a fabric pen or marker’. Well I was sure I had one of those in the shed somewhere, with a lot of other sewing junk and patterns that I hadn’t looked at for years.
I headed out to the shed, found the bag of stuff, but of course there was no fabric pen in there. What really surprised me was that the original pattern from Dolly magazine, that I’d cut out of newspaper (The Australian to be precise), was there, tucked in amongst all the other paper patterns, most of which I’d never used.

The date of the paper was Tuesday September 2, 1986. I was interested to read some of the (page 3 and 4) story titles of the day:
“Unemployed on the dole take longer to find work”;
“Democrats ([remember them?] reveal uranium sale ploy”;
“Hooker legal action may stop tabling of police report”;
“SA wants fruit juice tax canned”;
“RSL national service call”; and
“Hawke tennis challenge to China leader”
A horse called High Quest, trained by John Hawkes, had won the Chanak Handicap at Moonee Valley, and shares in BHP Holdings were trading at 37 cents.
So, after that diversion into the past, now I’ve found my pattern, I have no intention of making shorts. However, if the costume making turns out to be successful, it might be the solution to the problem of never being able to find pants to fit Juniordwarf.
Crafty mama to the rescue.

P365 – Day 213 – headwear

A few weeks ago, when it was particularly cold, I was thinking I needed a warm beanie that I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to wear in public.

The one I normally wear (for dog walking, in the dark) is a plain black one, and whenever I wear it I hear muffled remarks about ‘cat burglars’.

I wanted something warm, that wouldn’t make me look like a criminal. I looked around in a couple of shops, but didn’t find anything I liked and then forgot about the idea.

Today I went into a shop that I was just walking past, for no particular reason, and came out with a new beanie.

So I was pretty happy with that little diversion.

P365 – Day 119 sticker day (29/04/2011)

It was my turn to have a day off work to look after Juniordwarf during school holidays.

He discovered some sticker booklets in the kitchen drawers (left overs from party bags) and announced ‘Friday is sticker day’. He then proceeded to award himself stickers (from various teachers at his school and occasionally from his teddies).

He also awarded me some stickers, including ‘for having a good night’s sleep (for which he was ‘so proud’ of me) and ‘for good cooking dinner’.

By the end of the day, three of his t-shirts were covered with stickers, my shirt was covered in stickers and the kitchen floor was a mess of sticker backing paper and the sticky paper surrounds from the sticker sheets, which I now have the unenviable task of removing.

P.S. If you were wondering where I got my wonderful (sticker-covered) shirt from, it’s a design by my Twitter friend Rory (aka Samedog), who designs very cool shirts (among other things), and you can get one (or one of Rory’s other fabulous designs) from