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19 for 2019: week 14 update

Week of 1 April

After my massive week of achievements in week 13, I wasn’t anywhere near as productive in week 14 with my 19 for 2019 list. In fact, I can count the things I progressed on one hand. One finger, even.

Status for week 14

  • Things completed this week: 0
  • Things completed: 8 (3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15)
  • Things I progressed: 1 (6)
  • Things in progress I didn’t progress:  6 (1, 2, 11, 16, 18, 19)
  • Things not started: 4 (4, 10, 14, 17)

Not to worry, I have the whole year to finish the 11 unfinished things and I can’t expect to do everything at once.

Besides, I’ve been busy with the Bored and Brilliant challenge. Well, I’m not sure if that’s actually an excuse. After all, the point of that challenge is to get me off my phone to give me more time to come up with creative ideas and get things done. I’ve not been on my phone as much as I had been before I started the challenge, but I’m not sure I’ve done anything super productive with the time.

It did make me think maybe I could add some bonus things to my 19 for 2019 list for significant things I do over the year. That would give me a nice picture at the end of the year of some of the big things I did.

So what did I do instead of my list?

Well, I wrote three blog posts about Bored and Brilliant, I went for a whole day without taking any photos and I deleted Instagram (and Tweetbot) off my phone.

20190403 No more social combo

Now you see it . . . now you don’t

I visited the Plants of Tasmania Nursery with my sister.

20190406 Plants of Tasmania Nursery edit

Plants of Tasmania Nursery at Ridgeway

I went to a local living festival in our area.

20190407 Lunch from Honey Child 2

Smoky Creole goodness from Honey Child’s Creole Corner

I went to a union stop-work meeting

20190403 Stop Work

Public sector unions stop-work meeting at City Hall

and I got my poor old teddy bear repaired.

20190402 Pandy back from the Dolls Hospital

He got his leg stitched up and some extra stuffing but I left his nose because that’s his ageing personality

Plenty of things to do!

12 of 12 April 2015

Today was the Derwent Valley Autumn Festival, which is one of the biggest events held in the Valley each year.

The weather forecast wasn’t sensational, but there wasn’t any rain or wind forecast, so we had everything crossed that it would be a nice day. It was a chilly 7 degrees in the morning when we woke up, and by the time Juniordwarf and I arrived at the festival just before 10.00 it was 11 degrees. I wished I’d worn some more layers, as the day’s top was only 15. At least it didn’t rain!

1 of 12 - Pre-show selfies

1 of 12 – Pre-show selfies

Juniordwarf and I were scheduled to do a half-hour slot on our community radio station’s outside broadcast from the festival at 10.00 but, due to circumstances beyond our control, we ended up doing the whole hour until 11.00 – which is Juniordwarf’s normal timeslot on the radio, but today he’d been looking forward to getting off early and looking round the festival, so he was a bit irritable during the second half hour.

2 of 12 - On air (thanks to one of our lovely volunteers for taking the photo)

2 of 12 – On air (thanks to one of our lovely volunteers for taking the photo)

He’d been eyeing off this climbing maze from where we’d been sitting, so that was the first place he went to.

3 of 12 - Kid heaven

3 of 12 – Kid heaven

20150412-13 Climbing maze

$5 to play for as long as you like, though I’m not sure it means you get to abandon your child there while you go and explore the rest of the festival. Thankfully I had another responsible adult (Juniordwarf’s grandmother) with me, so I could run off and do a couple of things I needed to get done while he was having fun.

4 of 12 - This looked like fun

4 of 12 – This looked like fun

There was heaps of stuff to do and see and eat and drink.

We bought chocolate wheel tickets.

5 of 12 - Lions Chocolate Wheel

5 of 12 – Lions Chocolate Wheel

We won nothing.

We checked out the local railway society’s display.

6 of 12 - Derwent Valley Railway

6 of 12 – Derwent Valley Railway

Juniordwarf lined up very patiently for a long time to go on this attraction. I know it’s heaps of fun for the kids, but it always seems weird to hand your child over to a complete stranger who then seals them inside an oversized beach ball!

7 of 12 - Juniordwarf getting blown up inside a beach ball

7 of 12 – Juniordwarf getting blown up inside a beach ball

7 of 12 - Who knew rolling around in over-sized beach balls could be so much fun!

8 of 12 – Who knew rolling around in over-sized beach balls could be so much fun!

9 of 12 - Lots of people

9 of 12 – Lots of people

One of the new features of the festival this year was the Taste of the Valley, where local producers talked about their produce. We were treated to a lesson in making beef stock and sauce by the fabulous Ashley from Two Metre Tall.

9 of 12 - Our favourite mad scientist brewer makes beef stock

10 of 12 – Our favourite mad scientist brewer makes beef stock

I thought the raspberries had finished for the season and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of them at Westerway Raspberry Farm’s stall (probably should have taken the picture before I started eating them).

10 of 12 - Raspberries

11 of 12 – Raspberries

We bought soap from the lovely Veronica from Veronica Foale Essentials and her able assistant Kim, who was SUPER HELPFUL!

11 of 12 Soap by Veronica

12 of 12 Soap by Veronica

Unfortunately I missed out on seeing the snakes this year. They are usually a highlight for me, but we didn’t get there before they packed up.

Just before we started getting ready to leave, Juniordwarf wanted to take the camera for a while. So as a special bonus, here’s 12 of 12 from the festival from Juniordwarf’s perspective (slightly cropped but otherwise as he saw it).

It was interesting to see the things that caught his eye. I think I should let him do this more often!

1 of 12 – That looks pretty good.

20150412-02 Autumn Festival

2 of 12 – Cute car

20150412-04 Autumn Festival - Wine Car

3 of 12-  Jane from Two Metre Tall in action

20150412-05 Autumn Festival - Jane

4 of 12 – Pat from Tynwald Estate with some of their Wessex Saddleback ham.

20150412-08 Autumn Festival - Tynwald

5 of 12 – Jam from Westerway Raspberry Farm

20150412-10 Autumn Festival - Berries

6 of 12 – A random festival goer enjoying a Forester Ale from Two Metre Tall

20150412-11 Autumn Festival - Me

7 of 12 – Veronica and her able assistant Kim and a lot of yummy soap

20150412-16 Autumn Festival - Kim and Veronica

8 of 12 – Big Red Box

20150412-17 Autumn Festival - Big Red Box

9 of 12 – A very large dog (he cut its nose off)

20150412-19 Autumn Festival - Dog

10 of 12 – Some coats.

20150412-20 Autumn Festival - Coats

11 of 12 – Wandering players


12 of 12 – One of the four entertainment stages

20150412-27 Autumn Festival - Band



P365 – Day 364 – the Taste (and year in review 11/12) (30/12/2011)

Today we went to the Taste Festival in Hobart.

Juniordwarf enjoyed the cups & saucers ride

More cups and saucers

Entry to the Taste

Inside the main hall

Outside the Brasserie. Nice & shady.

Ice cream

Enjoying an ale

Two Metre Tall Ale in a plastic cup?  What a crime against Ale!

Wheelie Bin Orchestra performing “We Will Rock You”
These guys were great!

Juniordwarf enjoyed the Wheelie Bins

The Winery

Year in Review (11/12)

Since my Project 365 is rapidly coming to an end, I’m going post a link to my favourite post from each month this year over the last 12 days of the year.
November: eleven
My contribution to the 11eleven Project.

sunday selections – power plant

Here are some more photos for Frogpondsrock’s Sunday Selections photo project. Go on over and have a look  – or post some photos on your blog and join in too!

First, here’s what this week’s photos are all about . . .

On Friday night Juniordwarf, Slabs, my Mum and I went to the Power Plant show at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. It was part of the Ten Days on the Island festival, which is a biennial arts festival held across Tasmania.

I’m not exactly sure how to describe Power Plant. I don’t think ‘show’ is the right word to use either.

The Ten Days Guide says this about it:

“Deep among the historic treasures of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, as dusk falls, old gramophones spin glittering sounds whilst clicking lights cast vast moving shadows. Whistles rise and fall and flowerbeds are transformed by sparkling whirling machines, dancing to their own tune…

A five-star hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the nocturnal world of Power Plant comes to Hobart after sell-out shows in the UK.

‘A bewitching garden of the imagination’ The Liverpool Echo. 

Over thirteen nights, you’re invited into the familiar surroundings of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens which will be transformed by a kaleidoscope of delightful tableaux, lit by flashing neon, shadowy projections and bursts of fiery radiance. Bring all the family and take a dazzling and enchanting journey through a magical series of sound and light installations in the trees, beds and bushes. 

With the Gardens the real star of this show, Power Plant is the not-to-be-missed event of Ten Days 2011. 

‘Power Plant transforms the lush and dank houses of the Botanical Gardens into a magical and at times thrilling experience.’ * * * * The Telegraph (UK) “

It was just an amazing night, and I was totally mesmerised by the whole experience.

I took some photos, but they really don’t do it justice. It was breathtaking, stunning, fabulous, amazing! There simply aren’t words to describe it.

I’m so glad we went. I was worried that Juniordwarf might not enjoy it, after our experience with the dinosaurs a couple of weeks ago. I thought he might get freaked out by the noise or the crowd, or that he’d be too tired to enjoy it, since he’d have to stay up past his bedtime.

I shouldn’t have worried. He had an absolute blast! This is one of his favourite places to visit, and seeing it lit up like this, with the accompanying sound effects, was so exciting for him. And for us too. It was just wonderful and is something that will stay in my memory for a long time.

Tree at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Another tree at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens

Another view of that tree

‘Floris Fluctuation’ Kinetic Flowers by Mark Anderson

‘Repercussus’  Reflection by Kirsten Reynolds

‘Soundwave’ by Ulf Pedersen

‘Suspiria de Profundus’ Sighs from the Depths by Kirsten Reynolds

Apples – I’m not sure which installation this one belongs to

‘Silent Spring’ by Jony Easterby

One of the paths was lined by these lanterns

‘Ignifer Conspiro’ Pyrophones by Mark Anderson
(and yes, some of the ducks were still swimming in the pond.)

Juniordwarf watching ‘Ignifer Conspiro’
I edited these photos on my phone using the Camera+ app, which is my favourite app at the moment.

P365 – Day 93 autumn festival (Sunday Selections)

On a chilly, windy autumn day, where the rain threatened but never arrived, we went to our town’s Autumn Festival.

After a bumpy start, where the ever-present wind blew Juniordwarf’s lunch off the table, upsetting him to the point he wanted to go home . . . ‘I don’t want to be here,’ he said . . . we had a lovely day – me, Juniordwarf and my Mum. Slabs spend most of the day on the community radio station marquee, promoting the station and fund-raising.

Here are some photos of what we got up to over the course of the day . . . which have become my photos for frogpondsrock‘s Sunday Selections project. (Go on over and check it out!)

Juniordwarf rode on a pony. Here’s two little feet.

We watched some medieval jousting.

We saw a pit of snakes. Juniordwarf was really into the snakes. I was worried at one point that he wanted to jump in there with them.

We got the best value entertainment for $3 on this climbing maze, which kept Juniordwarf entertained for at least 45 minutes. I’m not sure if he was meant to stay on for that long, but there wasn’t a crowd waiting to get on and no one told him to get off, so if he was happy, we were happy.

What that meant was that one of us could stay and keep an eye on him, while the other one could go off for a few minutes and take photographs of things that caught our eye . . .

. . . or have a relaxing glass of wine (2004 Riesling from Kinvarra Estate, if you’re interested).

Juniordwarf thought it was a great game to walk as far away from us as he could and then come running back.

And he insisted on getting a lollypop. ( I just realised I don’t know how to spell ‘lollypop’. Is it ‘lollypop’? or ‘lollipop’? Or doesn’t it matter?)

The last thing we did was watch some amazing acrobats. How I managed to capture this shot I’ll never know because this particular stunt was so quick.

All in all, we had a really fun day.