FFS Friday – cuttlebug edition

Yesterday morning I was thinking that nothing had happened that had even remotely made me want to think ‘FFS’. I thought I wouldn’t have a post for FFS Friday. 
I needn’t have worried.
I thought I’d have a nice relaxing evening doing some scrapbooking.
I got out one of the pages from my Work-in-Progress album that I’d started last week in scrapbooking class and had intended to finish when I got home, because I was sure there would be some alphabet stickers I could use for the title at home. There weren’t any that suited the page.
Never mind. This happens a lot. … slight FFS.
So I got out my Cuttlebug to cut out the letters. (If you’re not familiar with a Cuttlebug, it’s a bright green machine that you can cut (and emboss) by jamming the dies between two plates and winding them through the machine. Very high tech.)
I started to wind the first set through, when there was an enormous snapping sound and nothing happened. The plates were stuck and the rollers weren’t moving.  …. FFS.
Unsure of whether this was a terminal condition, or whether it could be easily fixed, I googled “broken Cuttlebug”. Nothing matched my problem, but a few people mentioned they had taken the end panels off to fix various problems.
OK, well that shouldn’t be too hard should it?  So I started to unscrew a few parts to try and get into the ends to see what was going on. Nothing I unscrewed seemed to help me get to where I needed to be. 
 I realised I didn’t have to unscrew anything. No. I could just slide a screwdriver in and clip the end panels off. … FFS.
This is what the inside of one end of a Cuttlebug looks like.
End panel #1
The small gear at the top fell off as I was opening the panel. Easy enough to put back on, but there was still rattling from somewhere else in the machine. So that wasn’t the problem.
Attempt to take the other end off. A screw and a washer fall out. This must be the problem. So all I have to do is remove the end panel, screw the screw back in and put the panel back on. Yay.
This is the end where the handle is, which had originally been attached with an Allen key. The end panel won’t come off without removing the handle. None of the Allen keys I have in my drawer will fit the handle. …. FFS.
You know how you always keep the Allen keys that come with things in case you ever need to deconstruct them? The one for the Cuttlebug was nowhere to be found. … FFS.
I had to go out to the shed in the cold and rummage through my disorganised tool box to find my set of Allen keys. None of them fit. … FFS.
Did I mention there is a lot of grease inside a Cutttlebug, which is now all over my hands and my desk. …. FFS.
Ok, so if I can manoeuvre the end panel out of the way, I can just get the circular screwdriver into the centre of the screw and screw it back in. Fiddly, but it can be done. But the screw doesn’t want to actually go in. It sits there, and if I turn the handle the rollers work, but how do I make it stay there? … FFS.
One little screw. One big problem.
Nothing seems to want to stay in place. I email the manufacturer for advice. I put the machine back together and turn the handle just to see what happens. The machine works. After I have sent the I-am-ever-so-slightly-annoyed email to the manufacturer. … FFS.
I cut out the letters I need and then realise I don’t feel like scrapbooking any more. I need a wine or two to relax and something to get the grease off my hands.  Not the relaxing evening I’d hoped for. …FFS.Then, as I was putting the machine back into the box after I’d finished, what did I find but the original Allen key I used to attach the handle. …FFS.



ffs friday

I’m new to this FFS Friday thing, so bear with me as I learn to rant on the internet. 

FFS Friday is all about what has pissed you off in the last seven days. My lovely friend Mrs Smyth has encouraged me to participate and link up with DearBaby G.

So here we go …

Work has been flat out crazy busy to meet a very inflexible deadline. This is proving to be very difficult to manage with my part-time hours and I’ve been doing something I said I’d never do – taking work home. More than once. … FFS

Driving home from work, Juniordwarf and I both fell asleep in the car (obviously neither of us were doing the actual driving). Try as I might, I couldn’t entice an extremely sleepy little boy to get out of the car when we got home, so I went inside, assuming he’d follow. A couple of minutes later, Slabs went out to find out why Juniordwarf hadn’t come inside. Had he fallen asleep again? Why no, I’d forgotten to open his door. … FFS

On Sunday night I noticed one of my ear pirecings was sore and a bit lumpy. This didn’t exactly excite me as last time something like this happened, it got infected, requiring a trip to the GP, a scalpel, a local anaesthetic that didn’t have any effect, hence an agonising cut to the area that hurt more than the actual piercing, followed by walking round for a few days with a bandage on my ear looking like I’d been attacked by a dog. I do not want this to happen again. This is a 20+ year old piercing. How can that get infected? … FFS

I almost went into a major meltdown at work when I thought that the week after next was actually next week and that I’d run out of time to get everything done and that the world was going to end and and and ……. Thankfully someone pointed out this minor miscalculation before I completely lost the plot. This is why I need a calendar. … FFS

Juniordwarf: You were in my dream last night.
Me (isn’t that sweet?): Oh, was I? What was I doing?
Juniordwarf: You were spewing. … FFS

I bought a TV that is eventually going to be the monitor for my future new computer. I figured I might as well set it up to work as a TV as well (because Eurovision) in my study, which is downstairs and primarily lined in Besser blocks. I’ve been referring to it as “The Bunker”. In order to get the ABC, I needed to get a rabbit ears antenna, connect it to the antenna booster and set it up as close to the window as possible, balancing it delicately on top of my scrapbooking stamps, which required the use of three antenna extension cords. I now have ABC. And a whole lot more cords … FFS