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P365 – Day 231 – at work (19/08/2011)

I couldn’t go through a whole year of ‘a photo a day’ without including a photo of me hard at work.
In the past when I’ve wanted a picture of myself doing something, I’ve just set the camera up somewhere close by, set the self-timer, then quickly tried to look like I was doing whatever I wanted the picture to be of.
Except iPhone cameras don’t have self timer buttons do they?
Enter SoundSnap, a neat little app that takes a photo when you make a noise. It does have a self-timer, so all I needed to do was set a vey low trigger level, so that almost any noise would set it off, set the self-timer, arrange my phone on a fairly dodgy looking pile of folders, files and a business card holder, then make a noise distinct enough to set it off. That started the timer and gave me enough time to get back to work so that the photo would look sort of authentic.
It took a few attempts to figure out where to put the phone and what noise I needed to make to set it off. (I started by coughing, but then realised a fairly hard press of the ‘enter’ key on the keyboard would work just as well).
For 99 cents, it’s a handy app for situations like this.

sunday selections – hipstamatic

I thought I’d use the opportunity to participate in Kim’s Sunday Selections project to show off some of the Hipstamatic photos I took this week.
On Monday I wrote about how, at the suggestion of one of my Twitter friends, I was going to use the Hipstamatic app for my photos this week to try and add something different to my photo project.
You can read about how I went on my first photo shoot here
After a week of shooting, I haven’t changed my initial views on the app. It produces some really interesting effects on my photos, which I really like, if I choose the right lens and film combo.
Actually, I’ve not been very adventurous and have stuck with the same film all week (boring! but in my defence, I have been sick), but I have tried out a few of the different lenses. Admittedly I’ve only tried the ones that came with the original app and a couple of freebies that were recently released, so I’m missing quite a lot of what is available. (Think of it as the cheapskate approach, until I decide whether this app is for me, and whether I want to shell out a hard earned couple of bucks for some more variety . . .  did I mention I have a reputation as a tightarse?!)
The hard part is remembering that there is no zoom function, so what you see in the ‘viewfinder’ is pretty much what you’re going to get – and if you want the cute little frame that the photos come with, there’s no option to crop later either.
The whole feel of the app reminds me of my very first camera. I got it when I was in primary school. I won $10 in a competition and decided to spend it on a camera. It was a gaf 100 XF (no, Slabs, it’s not a Falcon) that cost me $9.95. (I can’t remember what I did with the change.) The camera, which I still have, took 126 film cartridges that produced square pictures. Oh, and used external flashes that you bought in packs of three four-sided cubes, each side of which had a bulb that flashed and then blew, as bulbs do.

Hipstamatic, as a ‘retro/analogue camera’ app has that same fixed lens thing happening, produces square photos, and has no ability to adjust the lighting – what you see is what you shoot is what you get. It has a range of flashes that are supposed to produce different lighting effects as well.
The beauty of the app that I never got with the trusty old gaf (which I used until I was 18) is the wide range of lenses (or filters) and different films that you can use to create different effects.
So first up today is a little montage of my camera, using the same Ina’s 1969 film in all shots, but with the seven different Hipstamatic lenses that I have at the moment, plus the one from the normal phone camera as a comparison.
And then some of the photos that I took this week.
Bear in mind that for the outdoors one, it was quite glary and I really couldn’t see what I was shooting on my screen, so it was very much point, shoot and hope. And at times, I couldn’t get as close to the subject as I wanted to. As a result, the composition isn’t always ideal, but it’s certainly taught me a lot about this app and I intend to go back and try again soon. Unimaginatively, they were all taken using the John S lens.
I reprocessed this one, because the bird was just too
far away and was the whole point of the photo




I love the reflections in this one, but not the
side of the dock – lots of the photos had that
problem because I couldn’t see what I was shooting.

Franklin Square

Juniordwarf – not sure I like the green tinge. Normal flash.


P365 – Day 200 – ham?

Juniordwarf and I took Sleepydog for a walk today. It’s a habit I’m trying to get us into now he’s bigger and I feel more confident he’s not going to take off somewhere.

Juniordwarf usually holds my hand on our walk and he narrates where we’re going somewhat in the manner of a NavMan. Actually he has the whole route planned in his head before we set out, which he describes to me in great detail:

‘We’re going to go right into Blah Street, and then right into ABC Road. Right into Lorem Ipsum Street. Left into Tuesday Street. Right into Labradoodle Road . . .’ and so on, until we arrive back at our house. (He also does this whenever we go anywhere in the car. It’s become something of an obsession.)

Every so often when we’re walking, he lets go of my hand and goes to have a look at Sleepydog or to pat her.

Today, when we were almost home, he was looking at the dog, and he said ‘Sleepydog’s tongue looks like ham!’

He’s come out with some funny statements, but this has to be one of the best ones yet.

I took this photo using Hipstamatic. I’m not really fond of it, for two reasons. One, because it’s the best of a series of hideous photos of the dog – she isn’t good at sitting still and posing, and two, because I don’t really like the way the colour turned out (I had to boost the saturation quite a lot because it had a rather bleached effect) – one of the downsides of having to pick your effects before you take the photo. But I will continue with learning more about this app – it’s early days yet, and I can’t expect every photo to turn out beautifully.

P365 – Day 199 – a flower for mum

A couple of weeks ago I was having a moan on Twitter that I couldn’t think of anything to take photos of for this project and one of my Twitter friends suggested that I check out the Hipstamatic app. She’d been posting some really lovely photos, which were very inspiring, so I decided to devote this week to learning all about how it works.
Hipstamatic is different to the other apps that I’ve been using, as you select a film and a lens before you take the photo, then the app processes the picture with those settings, instead of you applying filters and effects after you’ve taken the normal photo.
It looks like a cool retro camera, with a little viewfinder. Cute hey!
Once you have the app, you can buy extra lenses, films and camera cases, and occasionally they release some promotional freebies.
For my first attempt at using this app I went for a walk down by the docks at lunchtime to see what I could come up with. I got some lovely photos and some really crappy ones too – mainly because it was quite glary and difficult to see what I was actually shooting on my phone. But the good ones were well worth the time I spent down there, even if I felt slightly ridiculous walking round taking photos. (Why is it that I feel so self conscious taking photos around my local haunts, but if I was a tourist I wouldn’t give it a second thought? It’s not like anyone cares!)
I was going to put some of the photos on here, but then when I got home, Juniordwarf presented me with a flower that he’d made at daycare today, and I knew that had to be the subject of today’s photo.
He chose pink because he knows it’s my favourite colour, and when I asked him where I should put it, he said it was for my study.
Slabs said Juniordwarf was so proud of his flower and it was the first thing he showed him when Slabs went to pick him up from daycare. It deserves pride of place in ‘my’ study.
Juniordwarf also drew me a picture. I asked him what it was a picture of, and he said ‘coloured squiggles’.
Of course it is. 

P365 – Day 196 – and there was snow (15/07/2011)

It’s been very cold and wintery this week. The tops of the hills have been covered with snow, and earlier in the week people were even snowed in.

The Mountain always looks glorious topped with snow, especially on the beautiful, clear sunny days – or rather, the times during some days when it is beautiful and sunny. (These come between the cloudy, overcast parts of the day when you can’t even see the Mountain.)

By the time I got around to taking this photo, it was afternoon, so the stunning clarity of the morning light had gone and the contrast between the sky and the snow is not as apparent.  Consider this my ‘retro 70s’ edit.

P365 – Day 184 – closeup #7 – flowers

In keeping with my attempt to finish off some scrapbooking layouts, this weekend I’ve been working on one that was based on a scraplift challenge posted on Papercraft Additictions some time last year.

It’s been sitting around in my ‘work in progress album’ since then.

Here’s part of it. All I have to do now is add a title, which – believe it or not – is all ready to be stuck on.

I just applied one of the Instagram filters to this picture.

P365 – Day 181 – closeup #4 – layout

I have a lot of scrapbook layouts that are in my ‘work in progress’ albums. (Yes, albums. I filled one up with unfinished layouts, so I needed to get another one.)

A lot of the layouts are pretty much complete, other than needing a title or journalling. I’m not good at doing either of these things, so the layouts tend to just sit there in the ‘work in progress’ albums for months on end. Sometimes years.

Every time I go to scrapbooking on Friday nights I flick through those albums and try to find a layout that I can finish that night. Usually I can’t, so I start another one that inevitably finds its way into the album that night and sits there for weeks or months until I can figure out how to finish it.

Last weekend I made some progress. I finished not one, but three layouts that had been sitting round for ages and got a fourth one almost completed. It’s currently sitting on the mantelpiece waiting for, you guessed it, journalling.

This is a sneak peak (it’s a direct copy of a layout found in the Kaisercraft Q2 Magazine from 2009 using the Belle collection).

I really like how it’s turning out so far.