organising the 100 things

A few days after I wrote my list of 100 things to do in 2013 I went back over it to work out exactly how and when I’m going to do all those things.

It occurred to me that I could look at the list in several different ways.

There were lots of things that related to improving my health, and lots about getting organised and staying on top of things. There were things I could group as (for lack of a better term) sorting my head out, others about keeping records of my life, exploring my world, creating, gardening, doing stuff with my family . . . and the categories go on.

Some of the things I want to do are one-off jobs. Do them and they are crossed off the list. Others are habits I want to get into over the year and others are multi-step projects.

So I spent a bit of time this week sorting the list. Because, despite outward appearances, I like things to be in order and logically sequenced. It doesn’t mean I do them. It’s most likely a procrastination tool that stops me getting things done. But that’s another story.

Anyway, I thought that a lot of what I want to do could be worked into a resolution (or commitment) chart, which I first came across when I read Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project.

I picked out a couple of things that I wanted to start doing every day (the “habits” from the list) and have made an all new chart for 2013 in an attempt to keep on top of things. The idea is that once I’ve started to make the first couple of things into habits that I actually do, I’ll gradually add in some more things from the list so that by the end of the year I will have all the new habits I want to develop. Or at least some of them.

It’s a bit more structured than what I’m used to, especially for my personal life. But I’ve felt very unsettled ever since we started the moving house journey back in July, and I feel like I need some structure so that I can get back some control over my life.

And, just so this isn’t an entirely photo-free post, last night I started work on my One Little Word project. I cut, I stamped, I washi taped and I bradded (if that’s an actual word). I also managed to drip my stamp cleaner fluid into one of my ink pads, which I don’t think is particularly good for the ink pad.

Also, this is what happens when you give your six-year-old your phone.


getting organised

While I’m still trying to catch up on my 2012 Project Life album, I’ve been gradually formulating a plan for my 2013 album.

It’s going to involve some blank grid cards, some left over stuff from my 2011 Turquiose Kit, possibly the digital version of that kit, and this lovely selection of products, mostly by Tim Holtz.

I actually bought the paper for my One Little Word project.

Yes, I know, the idea for OLW is to use stuff you already have in your stash and not to run out and buy heaps of new products. But as I was looking through my stash, the look that appealed to me for OLW was the sepia-toned, old-fashioned stationery, twine, brass, clocks, keys kind of feel* . . . and I realised I wanted to carry that through to my 2013 Project Life album as well.

I knew that what I had wasn’t going to be enough for a full year, and that the paper collection I really loved had sold out very quickly in our local scrap shop. And I already had several of the Tim Holtz pins and brands and other bits and pieces, so it wasn’t that hard to justify buying just a few more little bits and pieces (and I didn’t have to buy them anyway, thanks to my birthday gift voucher that I was wondering how to spend).


So where am I at?

Project Life: I’ve finished editing the August photos and I’ve almost finished getting the September photos ready for printing. Just the hybrid 3×4 photos for the month overview to go. (The most time consuming of the lot.)

One Little Word: I’ve decided on my word. I can’t decide whether to use an 8.5 x 11 album as Ali suggests, or go with my idea of an A4 art journal. In the mean time I’ve cut out the 18 cards for the January project. Yes, that is actual progress.

And just for something different, this is my set up for my diary/staying organised system for 2013. If there’s anything that contrasts more with the vintage stationery look, I’d like to see it.

This is my Masterplan Diary, Lamy rollerball pen (thanks to Santa aka my Mum), Delfonics ball point pen (thanks to the lovely people at Notemaker who gave me the pen as part of their pen amnesty in 2011) and a Rhodia No.13 pad for taking notes during the day (thanks also to Santa aka my sisters in law).

With this system, I’m trying to integrate my daily planning and record-keeping with the photos I take, so that putting together my album won’t be too difficult, and won’t require too much searching through my stuff to find out exactly why I took that photo three months after the event. Also I intend to keep up to date, so that I don’t have to go back months to find out why I took that photo.

Next step: reduce the number of photos I take 😉

* I put the some of the blame for this on the new vintage stationery and letterpress store that recently opened in our town. It’s made me want to get out the typewriter (which is still in storage) or even hand write some letters on beautiful paper. I refer you to number 21 on my list of 100 things to do in 2013. But first things first, let’s get this digi scrapbooking under control . . .