In praise of veg: the 50 week vegetable challenge

This is where I will be keeping track of my challenge based on Alice Zaslavsky’s book In Praise of Veg, where I’ll choose a different vegetable every week and make a recipe from the book that features that vegetable. There are 50 vegetables in the book, so this means I get to try 50 new recipes in 50 weeks in 2021.

You can read my first post about the challenge here and follow this potentially disastrous year in the kitchen on my instagram (with the hashtag #slgcooks).

1GarlicSummerUltimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Bake22 February
+ Wasabi
Autumn, winter
3DaikonAutumn, winter
4ParsnipSummer, autumn, winter, springHasselback Parsnips with Rosemary Oil & Salt20 March
5KohlrabiWinter, spring
6FennelSummer, autumn, winterFennel Cacciatore with Free-form Polenta Dumplings5 May
7CeleriacAutumn, winter
+ Caulini
Summer, autumn, winter, springOne-pot Whole-roasted Cauliflower6 April
9WombokSummer, autumn, winter, springChang-Ed Wombok Slaw with Plum Sauce26 January
+ Galangal
+ Turmeric
Summer, autumn, winter, springLau’s Vegetables with Fresh Ginger 6 February
11LemongrassSummer, autumn, winter, springLemongrass Fish Pops with Green Mango Salad20 February
12SweetcornSummer, autumn
13Patty pan squashSummer
14CarrotSummer, autumn, winter, springGajar Makhani – Indian Style Butter Carrot2 February
15Sweet potatoSummer, autumn, winter, springDarl’s Daal16 March
16Butternut squash
+ Spaghetti Squash
Summer, autumn, winter, springSeven-spice Butternut Tagine6 March
17PumpkinAutumn, winterClassic Zesty Pumpkin Risotto23 March
+ Tomatillo
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
19RadishSummer, spring
20Red capsicumSummer, autumnSamosa-mix stuffed peppers19 January
21RhubarbSummer, winter, spring
22ChilliSummer, autumn, winter, spring
+ Swede
Summer, autumn, winter
+Golden Beet
Summer, autumn, winter, springBeet & Honey Roasted Walnut Salad24 May
+ Endive
SpringRadicchio and Sausage Pasta9 January
26Globe artichokeSpring
27EggplantSummer, autumnSichuan Sitcky Eggplant23 January
+ Red Onion
+ Shallot
Summer, autumn, winter, springThe ‘Any Kind of Onion’ Tarte Tatin11 May
29PotatoSummer, autumn, winter, spring
30Jerusalem artichokeWinter
31Yams & TubersAutumn, winter
+ Truffles
Summer, autumn, winter, springNot Mushroom for Error Pie with Duck Fat6 April
+ Silverbeet & chard
+ Warrigal greens)
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
+ Nettle
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
35HerbsSummer, autumn, winter, springLobio (Coriander Kidney Bean Stew)30 March
36Kale & cavolo neroWinterSalt & Vinegar Kale Chops11 May
+ Chinese broccoli
+ Broccolini
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
+ Zucchini flowers
Summer, autumn, springSummer Slice13 February
39CucumberSummerSesame Cucumber Whack Salad20 February
+ Bean shoots
Summer, Spring
41OkraSummerOkra & Peanut Stew2 January
+ Spring onion
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
+ Celtuce
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
+ Watercress
Summer, autumn, winter, spring
46Bok choyAutumn, winter, springGrilled Bok Choy with Peanut Sauce2 March
47Brussels sproutsWinterSeventies Dinner Party Sprouts10 April
48Peas & snow peasSpring
49CabbageWinterCarefree Cabbage Curry27 April
+ Bitter melon
Summer, autumn