30 days alcohol-free: day 21

All is well.

This is probably the longest stretch that I haven’t had alcohol since I was pregnant – in 2006. I’m quite liking feeling tired at a one-digit hour rather than keeping myself a bit wired and staying up until midnight or later. This morning I got out of bed at my normal time (this is what Slabs calls the middle of the night) unexpectedly easily because I was looking forward to the new part of my morning routine (learning a new skill – more on that later).

I read somewhere that every hour of sleep you get before midnight is worth two hours after midnight. If this is true then I’m definitely getting my 8 hours sleep now. Haha.

I’ve also noticed I sometimes feel a bit hungry when I go to bed, which I never did if I’d had a few drinks in the evening, and I’m hungry earlier in the morning than I usually am.

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic for Friday evening drinks, particularly after I’ve picked up Kramstable and we’re heading home, and I will admit to occasionally thinking how many days it is until I can have a beer. I even know what I’ll have when this challenge is over. But these thoughts have passed pretty quickly and, on the whole, I don’t feel like this has been a very big deal.

That said, June’s a quiet month and we haven’t gone out much. I wonder if it would be this easy if this was a month with lots of birthdays or social events.

Nine days to go!


30 days alcohol-free: Day 16

I’ve passed the half way mark of 30 days alcohol-free, the first challenge of my #steppingonthecracks project. It’s been easier than I expected. I haven’t really felt much like having a drink, and times when I have I haven’t felt so strongly about it that I’ve had to do something to distract myself.
This surprises me, because I thought drinking alcohol was a fairly deeply ingrained habit, especially on weekends.That said, it’s been a quiet month so far, we haven’t gone out much and I haven’t had much temptation thrust at me.

The main benefits to date have been that I haven’t been wanting to stay up late, even on weekends, which had been a consequence of “just one more” glass of wine at midnight when Rage was on. And because I haven’t had “just one more” I haven’t had those days when I’ve woken up with that slightly seedy feeling, knowing that “one more” was one too many.

So it’s going well so far.

As today is the 15th, it’s the date I’m supposed to be starting my second challenge. I have a bit of preparation work to do but I’ll be posting about it in the next day or two.

30 days alcohol-free: day 11

Day 11 of my 30 days with no alcohol. (I started on 31 May, and it’s 30 days, not #noboozeJune.)

So I survived Saturday, a day I’d normally have several drinks, and Sunday, when we had a pub meal with friends. Everyone else was happy because they had a designated driver. I wondered if I’d feel like I was missing out when everyone else was drinking. I didn’t. It didn’t bother me one little bit. I didn’t pay any attention to the fact that other people were drinking and it was no problem at all. I was a bit surprised by this.

There was no Farm Bar to taunt me on Sunday, and the next day I was back to school nights. The only potential for slipping during the past week was on Thursday, when we went to the winter garden party at Willow Court that was held in conjunction with the opening night of Dark Mofo. There were several local beverage producers on site. I wasn’t super-tempted when we first got there, but then our night was unexpectedly cut short, so any opportunity for me to fail in this challenge was gone.

I’m now one-third of the way through my first challenge, and am about to start on my first more introspective challenge. I’ll be posting my thoughts on the book that has inspired this challenge over the weekend, and then a post about what I’m thinking the challenge will look like before I start it on the 15th.