Change Journal

The Change Journal is a guided journal that provides 24 ideas for new habits and ideas that you can try out a week at a time to see if they work for you.

One of the things on my 21 for 2021 list is to work my way through the journal, trying out all 24 ideas. My introduction post about it is here, and this page is to track my progress.

The 24 Ideas

  1. Water (in progress)
  2. Thanks (completed)
  3. Rewards (completed)
  4. Circle Trick (completed)
  5. Digital Detox (completed)
  6. Eisenhower Principle (completed)
  7. Habits (in progress)
  8. Clarity (in progress)
  9. Pitch Yourself (in progress)
  10. Compliments
  11. Reading (completed)
  12. Marginal Gains
  13. No
  14. Single Tasking
  15. Clearing Out
  16. Pareto Principle
  17. Comfort Zone
  18. Strengths
  19. Essentialism
  20. Goals
  21. Pomodoro Technique
  22. Emails
  23. Saving
  24. Journalling (completed)