12 of 12 October 2015 (the Zoe edition)

If you got lost a while back, we’ve just returned from a two-week holiday in New Zealand. You can check out our adventures over at my TravelPod blog http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/sleepydwarf/2/tpod.html

Zoe and five of the other teddies came with us, and they had a great time too. Yesterday Kramstable (aka Juniordwarf) told me that Zoe would be spending the whole week with me.

So today’s 12 of 12 is “Things Zoe did today”.

1 of 12 – Zoe on the bus with me and Kramstable.

1 of 12 - Zoe on the bus

1 of 12 – Zoe on the bus

2 of 12 – After two weeks away I had no coffee either at home or at work. This required urgent rectification.

2 of 12 - Coffee

2 of 12 – Coffee

3 of 12 – We also needed some cash.

3 of 12 - Cash

3 of 12 – Cash

4 of 12 – Kramstable said that I’d do half the typing I needed to do today and Zoe would do the other half.

4 of 12 - Typing

4 of 12 – Typing

5 of 12 – Last time I took Zoe in to work and she watched the building site, she (a) got photographed looking out the window by someone on the street outside and (b) got left behind overnight. Kramstable was very insistent that she not get left at work again.

5 of 12 - Watching

5 of 12 – Watching

6 of 12 – My driver licence expires tomorrow. When we were organising the rental car in Christchurch, the guy asked me if I knew when it expired. Yes haha. I thought I’d better do something about that today.

6 of 12 - Service Tasmania

6 of 12 – Service Tasmania

7 of 12 – We picked up some sourdough bread from Pigeon Whole in Argyle Street. This is the Best Bread Ever.

7 of 12 - Bread

7 of 12 – Bread

8 of 12 – Zoe tried on some shoes at Faulls. (I didn’t.) They were a bit big.

8 of 12 - Shoes

8 of 12 – Shoes

9 of 12 – We looked at some notebooks at Fullers. We didn’t buy any. (Somewhere along the line she lost one of her hair ties.)

9 of 12 - Notebooks

9 of 12 – Notebooks

10 of 12 – Zoe did some photocopying and scanning for me.

10 of 12 - Photocopying

10 of 12 – Photocopying

11 of 12 – I had a couple of computer problems. Our system conveniently got upgraded while I was away and not everything worked, so Zoe called the IT Helpdesk for me.

11 of 12 - Phoning the helpdesk

11 of 12 – Phoning the helpdesk

12 of 12 – Zoe and I were very careful to stay hydrated all day.

12 of 12 - Hydration is very important

12 of 12 – Hydration is very important


Day 13: Another travelling song

Day 13: Another travelling song
Ashburton, New Zealand

Ashburton, New Zealand

I can now add “cafe that offers its customers sunglasses to block out the early morning sun” to the list of places I’ve been in New Zealand. This was the Kitchen Table, just up from our motel in Dunedin, and we had a fabulous breakfast and a couple of coffees there before setting off up the highway for the final leg of our trip.

I really wanted to stay in Dunedin. There’s so much more I want to see, places to explore and things to do. And the more we travelled up the highway the more I know I have to come back to this part of the country.

Our first stop was the Steampunk HQ in Oamaru, about an hour out of Dunedin. Very cool. The ultimate trash to treasure exhibit. I loved it.

I’d love to have been able to have spent more time in Oamaru as well, but we couldn’t, and our next stop was Timaru, for lunch.

We’d originally planned on staying in Timaru today on our way back to Christchurch, but we hadn’t been able to find any accommodation. It seems like a lovely town, and we wondered if it was to Christchurch what Batemans Bay is to Canberra because it’s a similar distance away.

We’d spoken about Teppanyaki with Kramstable a few days ago, and he thought it sounded really cool. Eagle-eyed restaurant spotter me saw a Japanese Teppanyaki bar while we were driving round the town, so we decided that would be a great idea for lunch. It was really good. Well spotted me!

About an hour up the road is Ashburton, where we’d managed to find a motel room for the night. On the way those apparition-like mountains reappeared totally out of the
blue. There must be few places on the South Island you can’t see them.

Going to Ashburton meant a longer drive than we’d wanted today, but on the plus side we’ll have more time in Christchurch tomorrow, the last day of our holiday. It’s hard to believe we’re this close to going home. We’ve seen so much and done so much, and missed so much!

We had dinner in the motel and are currently making sure we don’t have any excess beers to take home with us!

12 of 12 September 2015

A boring Saturday at home. The first day of my “let’s try getting up earlier and doing some things I have to do in the morning instead of lazing around and then having to rush out the door at swimming time because I couldn’t be bothered having breakfast and getting dressed until 10 minutes before we had to leave, and having all the things not done at the end of the day.”

20150912-02 Early morningThat seemed to go well.

1 of 12 – It’s been a cold winter. Really cold. Just lately there have been signs it’s coming to an end, but we all know that this is just a teaser before we’re plunged back into freezing temperatures. But for the next couple of days, it’s going to be really nice. Forecast top today: 20 degrees, actual top: 22 degrees. Quite a contrast with where we’ll be in two weeks.

1 of 12

1 of 12

2 of 12 – Juniordwarf volunteered to make us coffee this morning. He used to do it all the time a couple of years ago but fell out of the habit. Unfortunately the coffee machine goes through temperamental phases, which makes coffee very hit and miss. Today was one of those days.

2 of 12

2 of 12

3 of 12 – One of the things Juniordwarf does is help make breakfast when we have eggs. Now that the chooks are laying again, we’ve got a good supply. Fresh eggs, sautéed kale and my favourite bread from Pigeon Whole. Nice way to start the day. And yes, I do have my breakfast on Juniordwarf’s “Bunnykins” plate.

3 of 12

3 of 12

4 of 12 – I had to prune back this boronia (I think) bush because it was in the way of me being able to see where the chooks are. By “prune” I means chopping off anything in my line of vision. Note to self: clean kitchen window.

4 of 12

4 of 12

5 of 12 –Swimming lesson day.

5 of 12

5 of 12

Remember a couple of months ago when I didn’t have anything to take photos of so I went for a walk around town. (It was actually May) Here are some updates.

6 of 12 – Not so much an update as something totally new. This building has been a couple of restaurants since we’ve been here, but has been empty for several years. Looks like it will be back in use again soon.

6 of 12

6 of 12

7 of 12 – Lees Corner. The old site of Banjo’s, the lolly shop and Sintonic, which burnt down in 2012, and has sat unused since. They are now making it into a small park until the owners decide what to do with it. The work started in May. Apparently it was supposed to be finished by the end of May.

7 of 12

7 of 12

8 of 12 – Happy springtime!

8 of 12

8 of 12

9 of 12 – Old cottage, meet new hardware store. Bad luck if you want any light. In May this was the site of lots of puddles and diggers. It used to be the site of old fruit packing sheds.

9 of 12

9 of 12

10 of 12 – Anyone want to buy an old supermarket?

10 of 12

10 of 12

11 of 12 – This is the latest addition to the Willow Court site – new gates in front of the old Barracks. (I know. It’s been there several months. There are conflicting opinions on the suitability of this style for a historic site.)

11 of 12

11 of 12

12 of 12 – We are very lucky to be able to have Two Metre Tall Beer-fed Beef delivered to our front door.

12 of 12

12 of 12

12 of 12 June 2015

Friday 12 June started out cold at home, but warmed up very nicely during the day to about 13 degrees.

Yesterday had been intense, and I was feeling all sorts of things all at once. I stayed up way too late last night and looked and felt like it this morning.

1 of 12 – Coffee. I needed many of these. This is my fabulous Kalgoorlie-inspired cup by the wonderful Kim, aka frogpondsrock.  I got this last month at Kim’s Mud & Ink exhibition with the cartoonist Jon Kudelka at the Long Gallery in Salamanca.

20150612-01 Coffee cup2 of 12 – The moon looked very pretty when I went out to let the chooks out. At 6.45 am.

20150612-02A Moon

3 of 12 – The chooks were still in bed at 6.45 am, like I wished I could have been. The two older ones came out at the sound of their food bin opening, but the young ones took a bit longer to get moving. I don’t blame them. In the meantime these two hooked in.

20150612-03B Chooks

4 of 12 – This person needs more coffee right now.

20150612-04B Walk to work selfie

5 of 12 – Nice to see these posters popping up around Hobart. They are part of Peter Drew’s “Real Australians Say Welcome” project.

20150612-05 Welcome6 of 12 – Some sort of restoration work at the GPO. (As you can see, I pay a lot of attention to what’s going on.)

20150612-06 GPO restoration

7 of 12 – It’s always exciting when “other mail” is waiting for me in the PO Box. The excitement is usually followed by disappointment when it’s not for me.

20150612-07 Other mail

8 of 12 – The bus mall coming out of the GPO is a dark and scary place. And look! I managed to get the person in the red top in my photo. Because in every photo you take of a tourist spot, building or landmark, there is always That Person In Red.

20150612-08B Bus mall

9 of 12 – Inbox Zero is one of my goals each week. I’m slowly making progress with my organisational systems. It’s one step forward two steps back some days, but I’m feeling a lot more in control than I had been.

20150612-09 Inbox zero10 of 12 – Well that’s a bit blurry. A planning application notice near Franklin Square. Unsure what it’s for. Not that you could read it anyway.

20150612-11 Planning application notice

11 of 12 – Fountain at Franklin Square on my way to the bus.

20150612-12 Fountain in Franklin Square

12 of 12 – The GPO at night and Dark Mofo’s light tower to show us what a real actual tower would look like. Apparently.  Art ‘n’ stuff.

20150612-10B A light

Walk In Her Shoes Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of the Walk In Her Shoes challenge and the weather forecast wasn’t looking promising for getting out and walking a lot.

20150317 Not a good outlook

It was still fine in the morning though, so I wanted to do as much as I could before the rain arrived. On this morning’s walk I achieved something I set myself to achieve this week, which was to walk 6 km in under an hour. I’ve been managing to do 3.5 km in under 35 minutes, but I didn’t know if I could keep the pace up for 6 km. It seems I can.

20150317 6 km 1

This was about 8,000 steps.

Today’s leggings.

20150317 Leggings

This is one of my favourite pairs. I love the pattern and the colours. They’re thicker than most of my other pairs and I was going to change them later in the day when the weather got a bit warmer. It didn’t, so I didn’t. (The sticker has been on there for months. Probably years. Courtesy of Juniordwarf.)

By lunch time I’d only reached about 11,000 steps, so I went for a long walk after lunch. It still hadn’t rained, though it was trying to. I checked out the new coffee van on The Esplanade (it’s good) and walked around to Tynwald Park up the steps.

This part of the walk always reminds me of Picnic at Hanging Rock.

20150317 Hanging rock-esque IG

After dinner it was time for another walk to get me up to my 25,000 step goal. It was raining by this time and my walking buddy Zoe doesn’t have a rain coat, so she had to share mine.

20150317 Zoe doesn't have a rain coat

Goal achieved. All going well.

12 of 12 August 2014

Tuesday 12 August. A pretty normal Tuesday. I was at home.

1 of 12 – Morning coffee in the first cup I bought from ceramic artist Kim (aka Frogpondsrock).

20140812-01 Coffee

2 of 12 – Apparently you can link your Centrelink, Medicare and Tax Office accounts on the MyGov website.

20140812-02 Aus Gov

3 of 12 – These things are clearly not intended to last very long.

20140812-03 These things aren't meant to last

4 of 12 – I’m going to see the musical Wicked next month. I love the Wizard of Oz, and the book Wicked (which the muscial is based on) by Gregory Maguire is one of my favourites. I’m not familiar with the musical at all, so I borrowed the CD from the library and have listened to it a couple of times* so I’ll know what to expect when I see it. I like to know musicals really well before I see them.

20140812-04 Wicked

5 of 12 – And now for a tour of some of the local public buildings. First up the Police Station and Service Tasmania Shop, where I had a government transaction to do. I could have done it online, but I wanted to get out for a walk.

20140812-05B Service Tas

6 of 12 – The library. I had some books to return and some to pick up.

20140812-06 New Norfolk Library

7 of 12 – The Council Chambers. More bills to pay. I really like this building.

20140812-08B DV Council

8 of 12 – Not a public building. This is the beginnings of the new supermarket on what used to be Willow Court oval.

20140812-07A Supermarket

9 of 12 – Meanwhile, this corner of the main street has been empty for several years, ever since the 100 year old building that was here burnt down.

20140812-09 High Street corner

10 of 12 – More construction. This is Laskey’s Car Park, where they are building a new bus stop.

20140812-10 Laskeys Car Park

11 of 12 – The chickens tend to go to bed mid-afternoon now.

20140812-11A Chooks

12 of 12 – I recently bought a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. These are beautiful refillable leather notebooks that have something of a cult following. I’ve been playing about with different inserts and trying to set it up just perfectly. Also actually using it rather than having another gorgeous book that I never make a mark in because I’m scared my writing isn’t “good enough” for the book. But that’s a post for another day.

20140812-12 Midori Notebook

* Might be something of an underestimate.

12 of 12 July 2014

We stayed in Hobart last night with family after a lovely dinner out with Lil Sis and Mr Tall, child-free, which we decided was a belated birthday celebration for Slabs. Six months belated, give or take a few days, but who’s counting?

A recovery breakfast was in order.

1 of 12 – We parked near the doomed building, 10 Murray Street. The deconstruction site over the back has been vacant for quite a few weeks now. It still looks strange to be able to see through to Salamanca Place from Murray Street.

20140712-01B 10 Murray

2 of 12 – I switched to long blacks a few months ago and haven’t gone back to milky coffee.

20140712-03 Harbour Lights

3 of 12 – Juniordwarf wanted to take a picture of his drink as well.

20140712-04A Harbour Lights

4 of 12 – When we go out for breakfast, Juniordwarf’s usual order is the “Big Breakfast” or equivalent. He usually eats all of it, because he’s a “growing boy”. (More than once, we’ve had the wait staff bring me the Big Breakfast and been surprised that it’s for him. Less so now he’s older, and not today.)

20140712-05A Harbour Lights

5 of 12 – The Big Breakfast is never for me.

20140712-06 Harbour Lights

6 of 12 – We went for a wander around Salamanca Market and picked up some vegetables while we were there. (Note snow on the Mountain.)

20140712-07B Salamanca

7 of 12 – We were running low on firewood, and saw a ute load on the side of the road on our way home, so we stopped to call the guy. He was actually in the ute at the time, followed us home and we now have wood.

20140712-08B Wood

8 of 12 – Um. Hair of the dog? Not recommended.

20140712-09 Lemon Aid

9 of 12 – Flywheel is my favourite shop in our town. It’s full of vintage stationery products and an old letterpress that they use to produce a great range of printed products. I recently bought a new refillable notebook from there (I’m sure you’ll hear more about this a bit later on) and I want to find some little bits to personalise it, so I spent an hour or so this afternoon browsing some of our antique shops. Of course I ended up in Flywheel. As I so often do.

20140712-10B Flywheel

(Bonus picture: they have put together these beautiful gift wrap packs and I might have bought one and I might need to remember their ideas for putting gift wrap together.)

20140712-10A Flywheel

10 of 12 – Juniordwarf no longer re-enacts Ben and Holly with the teddies. He now does the Faraway Tree series of books. The entire book, chapter by chapter. The teddies are spread around the house in their various locations, including Mr Watzisname and Saucepan Man on two chairs. The three teddies in the picture are Jo, Bessie and Fanny. But he insists on using the “modernised” names Joe, Beth and Frannie, because these are the names that they use in the You Tube videos he found . . . even though he’s reading out of the books with the original names. I have a headache.

20140712-11A The Enchanted Wood

11 of 12 – To steal a phrase from one of my Twitter friends, Lasagnapalooza!

20140712-12 Lasagne

12 of 12 – Juniordwarf and I bought some armwarmers from Mongrel Socks at the market yesterday. He wore his to bed “like socks” last night.

20140712-13 Arm Warmers