12 of 12 October 2015 (the Zoe edition)

If you got lost a while back, we’ve just returned from a two-week holiday in New Zealand. You can check out our adventures over at my TravelPod blog http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/sleepydwarf/2/tpod.html

Zoe and five of the other teddies came with us, and they had a great time too. Yesterday Kramstable (aka Juniordwarf) told me that Zoe would be spending the whole week with me.

So today’s 12 of 12 is “Things Zoe did today”.

1 of 12 – Zoe on the bus with me and Kramstable.

1 of 12 - Zoe on the bus

1 of 12 – Zoe on the bus

2 of 12 – After two weeks away I had no coffee either at home or at work. This required urgent rectification.

2 of 12 - Coffee

2 of 12 – Coffee

3 of 12 – We also needed some cash.

3 of 12 - Cash

3 of 12 – Cash

4 of 12 – Kramstable said that I’d do half the typing I needed to do today and Zoe would do the other half.

4 of 12 - Typing

4 of 12 – Typing

5 of 12 – Last time I took Zoe in to work and she watched the building site, she (a) got photographed looking out the window by someone on the street outside and (b) got left behind overnight. Kramstable was very insistent that she not get left at work again.

5 of 12 - Watching

5 of 12 – Watching

6 of 12 – My driver licence expires tomorrow. When we were organising the rental car in Christchurch, the guy asked me if I knew when it expired. Yes haha. I thought I’d better do something about that today.

6 of 12 - Service Tasmania

6 of 12 – Service Tasmania

7 of 12 – We picked up some sourdough bread from Pigeon Whole in Argyle Street. This is the Best Bread Ever.

7 of 12 - Bread

7 of 12 – Bread

8 of 12 – Zoe tried on some shoes at Faulls. (I didn’t.) They were a bit big.

8 of 12 - Shoes

8 of 12 – Shoes

9 of 12 – We looked at some notebooks at Fullers. We didn’t buy any. (Somewhere along the line she lost one of her hair ties.)

9 of 12 - Notebooks

9 of 12 – Notebooks

10 of 12 – Zoe did some photocopying and scanning for me.

10 of 12 - Photocopying

10 of 12 – Photocopying

11 of 12 – I had a couple of computer problems. Our system conveniently got upgraded while I was away and not everything worked, so Zoe called the IT Helpdesk for me.

11 of 12 - Phoning the helpdesk

11 of 12 – Phoning the helpdesk

12 of 12 – Zoe and I were very careful to stay hydrated all day.

12 of 12 - Hydration is very important

12 of 12 – Hydration is very important


12 of 12 March 2015

Thursday was a pretty normal work day for me. Farewell morning tea for a colleague, who I’ve worked with on and off for almost 10 years. Lots of coffee. Walk at lunch time. It got to 20 degrees in the city, so it wasn’t too bad at all. I dropped Juniordwarf off at school, and he gave me a huge hug when I was leaving because he was staying with his grandmother (she took him to the theatre) and Slabs and I had a rare night off.

1 of 12 – I love leggings. I’m putting together a collection of different colours and different patterns. These ones are new because Keshet is having a sale and I didn’t have any that went with this skirt.



2 of 12 – They have demolished the Gate 2 ramp on the Salamanca side of the Parliament Square site and are now using the new ramp they’ve built off Murray Street. They get to stop traffic, and there’s a little gate to stop pedestrians walking across the ramp entrance when the trucks are going in and out.

Parliament Square

Parliament Square

3 of 12 – I have this Exertime program on my computer that reminds me to get up and move every hour or so. Very handy for increasing my step count.



4 of 12 – Juniordwarf really enjoys the movie Coraline, so he borrowed the book (by Neil Gaiman) from the library. We’ve all read it now. The secret door is still on our lounge room wall so he can act it out when he wants to.



5 of 12 – Slabs picked up this for us to try. It was very gingery. And sweet.

Ginger beer is gingery

Ginger beer is gingery

6 of 12 – No eggs today. WTF chickens? Are you having a day off, or is there another ‘egg butty’ we don’t know about somewhere?

Um, where are the eggs?

Um, where are the eggs?

7 of 12 – Following on from the Coraline theme, we have a well in our back yard, which Juniordwarf found with his dowsing rod (yes really). He’s used the slide from his old plastic playhouse as a cover for the well, and has covered it over with dirt so that no one can find it. The chickens love to scratch in the dirt, so he has to go out every day and pile all the dirt back on top of it again. He gets very annoyed at them. He wasn’t here tonight to do it, so the cover is exposed.

The well

The well

8 of 12 – Did I mention I love leggings and Keshet had a sale? Now I have to find somewhere to put them all because they won’t fit in my drawer.

More leggings!

More leggings!

9 of 12 – Our original dinner plans got cancelled, so we had dinner at the Junction Motel. It has a nice outdoor area overlooking the main road into town, so we sat outside and had a drink before dinner. We stayed here 10 years ago when we first visited the town to buy a house after we’d decided to move back to Tasmania. 10 years!

Pre-dinner drink

Pre-dinner drink

10 of 12 – Yum!

Chicken with leek risotto

Chicken with leek risotto

11 of 12 – The Shoe Mart. A long-standing business on the main street, which is about to close its doors. I like the signs. They’re a defining part of the street.

The Shoe Mart

The Shoe Mart

12 of 12 – It feels so weird not to have Juniordwarf here. Even though he’s in bed and not up with us in the evenings, so there’s no difference in who’s in the lounge room, there’s a different vibe in the house without him here.

Not here

Not here

12 of 12 February 2015

Thursday 12 February 2015 was a work day and a school day. The routine was a bit different today.

1 of 12 – When I woke up to go for a walk, I had a guest waiting for me in the kitchen.

Good morning!

Good morning!

2 of 12 – I’m using my morning walks to work my way through my Chris Isaak collection.

Walking soundtrack

Walking soundtrack

3 of 12 – Juniordwarf and I had to catch the bus today because Slabs wasn’t going in to work until later. It was packed, and the only free seats were right up the back. We normally only sit up the back on the way home, so this was a change of  routine for us.

Packed bus

Packed bus

4 of 12 – On the way in to town, Juniordwarf wanted to look at the photos on my phone. He enjoys making photo collages.

Multi-multi photos

Multi-multi photos

5 of 12 – I ordered a new phone on Tuesday to replace my well-loved but failing fast 4 year old iPhone 4. The scheduled delivery time was “before 12.00 Thursday”. While I was walking to work I checked the tracking update on my (old) phone, which said an hour earlier that the package was “with courier for delivery”. Then I started thinking the courier might have already been to work when I hadn’t been there and I’d missed them. I got to work and the courier was at the security desk – I saw the company’s logo on the back of his shirt and went straight over to him and asked if he was looking for me. Yes he was! Excellent service and on-time delivery. Gotta be happy with that.

Yay! It's here!

Yay! It’s here!

6 of 12 – When demolition and construction collide. They are still smashing up the deep footings from the Print Building (RIP), they’ve built a retaining wall along Parliament Lane and they’ve bored some piles and concreted them. They’re doing some reinforcement work around the walls that are holding up Salamanca Place.

Parliament Square

Parliament Square

7 of 12 – CARE Australia gave my blog a plug on Twitter for my Walk in Her Shoes journey.

20150212-07 CARE Tweet

8 of 12 – Cherry picker in St David’s Park. Not exactly sure what they were doing.

St David's Park

St David’s Park

9 of 12 – I finally unpacked the box.

20150215-09 Here it is!

10 of 12 – Slabs had to work late, so he brought Juniordwarf to my work for an hour or so, then he and I went out and had dinner together.



11 of 12 – The construction works on Murray Street for a ramp into the Parliament Square site.

Murray Street

Murray Street

12 of 12 – My new phone is finally set up, with all the apps in order and in its shiny new case because I have a habit of dropping these things. So why is it that there is always one speck of dust left when you try to put a screen protector on a phone?

New phone

New phone

Week in Review – 12-18 Jaunary 2015

Another week at work.

I had a few things happening, and enough little things to distract me from being able to sit down and concentrate on one thing for any length of time.

I’m slowly putting the systems from Getting Things Done into place at work, and I hope that whenever I start to feel very pressured, these systems will help me stay in control.

Last week I signed up to do the CARE Australia Walk In Her Shoes Challenge again this year. Because, as you might remember, I had such fun walking 20,000 steps every day for a week last year.  20,000 steps a day for a week in March 2015 is my goal.

I’ve replaced my 9-year-old walking shoes now, so it’s going to be easier this year, right? RIGHT??!!

I remember one of the statistics on CARE’s webpage that caught my attention last year – their statement that “on average, in developing countries, women and girls travel over 6 kilometres every day collecting water. They carry around 15-20 litres per trip.”

This statement alone continues to make me realise how lucky I am to live in a country where I don’t have to walk somewhere to get water. CARE observes that many girls and women in communities that CARE help miss out on getting an education and working because they have to walk to collect food, water and firewood for their families. I can’t imagine what this would be like. In particular, can’t imagine what it would be like to not have access to education.

So, while I’m raising funds to help support women and girls in these communities through Walk in Her Shoes, I hope that pushing myself physically will remind me of exactly how lucky I am, and help me to be more grateful for what I have.

As part of my “training”, walking in the mornings is an old habit I’m trying to re-establish and I’ve been getting up earlier to do it. This week Juniordwarf said he wanted to come with me so that he can get some more exercise.

I was a bit reluctant at first, because I just want to get the walks done and I knew he’d be slower than I’d be by myself. But I didn’t want to discourage him from exercising, so I said it was fine for him to come along.

The weather at the start of the week was very wet, but we still went out. We got wet, my phone got wet (I’ve been tracking our walks on RunKeeper) and started doing very strange things, but we did it. My aim is for a 30 minute walk each morning.

I’d reduced my Fitbit daily step goal to 13,000 instead of 15,000, because most days I wasn’t getting to 15,000 and I was starting to get annoyed with myself. So, because I get a kick out of the device on my wrist buzzing when I reach my goal, I decided to reduce it to something achievable over summer when all my routines are out the window. My aim is gradually increase it to 20,000 by March. I achieved this goal every day except Tuesday, but over the while week I did enough steps to make up for that, so I’m happy.

I don’t have a lot of photos from this week. Most of them are from Monday’s 12 of 12, so I was a bit photo-ed out during the week.

My copy of the Transportation Almanac, which I helped fund through Pozible, arrived – congratulations to everyone involved! I’m looking forward to reading it.

IMG_0294And I had this rather delicious beer (thanks to Slabs for finding it for me).

20150114 Storm King Stout ComboWe went away for the weekend, but that’s another post (or three) and a lot of photos. So stay tuned for that!

12 of 12 January 2015

Today was Monday and I was in Hobart for work. The forecast was a mostly sunny day, 15 to 24 degrees.

1 of 12 – One of the new habits I am trying to get into (I’m not calling them resolutions because we all know we don’t stick to New Year’s resolutions – so I’m trying to form new habits) is going for a walk every morning. I fell out of this habit after my massive Walk in Her Shoes effort in March last year, so it’s well past time to get the shoes out and give this another go. Plus my doctor said I had to do it.

Walking2 of 12 – I’ve set myself a target of a 30 minute walk each day. At the moment I can walk for 30 minutes in the mornings, but that might have to change when school goes back. My pace is pretty slow right now, but at least I’m doing it every day. (I didn’t record Saturday because we were at the Tahune AirWalk.)

IMG_75153 of 12 – Here is our shiny new bus stop. Today I got there before the bus did. I think that’s a bit too enthusiastic.

20150112-03B Bus Stop4 of 12 – Because I don’t have to take Juniordwarf to school, I’m usually at work by about 5 past 8 in the mornings.

20150112-04 8 am5 of 12 – One thing that gives my work building character is the regularly malfunctioning lifts. This morning none of them were working, so I got some bonus exercise by having to walk up many flights of stairs.

IMG_75196 of 12 – And then it was time for coffee.

IMG_75207 of 12 – Another new habit I’m trying to cultivate is replacing some of my coffee breaks with herbal tea. I don’t like actual tea, but some of the herbal infusions are quite tasty. I bought a tea pot a while ago with the idea of making brews and letting them sit there for a while so I could have a steady supply of the stuff. It makes a nice change from plain water.

20150112-07 Tea8 of 12 – Setting up Princes Wharf 1 for MOFO, which starts later this week. Paul Kelly is coming and I can’t go because I have something else on 😦

20150112-08 MOFO Preparations9 of 12 – I posted a picture of the Brooke Street Pier development in November after the new pier had been floated up the river. The work is continuing.

20150112-09 Brooke Street Pier10 of 12 – Some little boats and a big cruise ship.

20150112-10 Boats11 of 12 – There is still a trace of pink in my hair from my Molly Ringwald dress-up in October. This will teach me to never dye my hair again.

IMG_753212 of 12 – Grow my little pretties!


Week in review – 5-11 January

I was back at work all week. Because it’s school holidays I don’t have to work school hours, and I can put a full day in. I decided to work longer days while Slabs is on holiday so that I can have few of days off later in January.

It feels weird to be working a full day instead of leaving at 2.30. But these days are a lot less stressful than my 5 hour days, where it’s go-go-go from the moment I get up. On those days I often feel like I’ve just started the day when it’s time to leave. Having done part time days (3 days a week) and part time hours 5 days a week, I’m sure doing fewer days a week is easier than working every day but doing fewer hours.

This year I’m determined to find ways to make those short days less stressful, because I feel like I barely have time to take a breath.

Slabs and Juniordwarf went camping during the week, so I had a nice night to myself at home.

Juniordwarf left Zoe with me to keep me company, and I was under strict instructions to take her to work with me. He said she could help me typing on the computer. I’d type one sentence and she’d type the next one. I’m not sure that’s a great model for efficiency at work, but I tried.

20150107 Zoe at my work 2 editI’m not a great believer in New Year’s resolutions, but I guess a week off at the end of the year is a good chance to sit down, catch my breath and think about trying to take steps to get me to where I want to be. Last year I felt like even making small changes to my lifestyle was impossible, and it felt like I was taking one step forward and two steps back. It wasn’t my best year at work either. In a way, the end of the year was a symbolic way to shut the door on everything that had gone wrong in 2014 and start again.

One thing I did succeed with last year was quitting sugar. I’ve been back on this since the beginning of December, so I think this is Week 6. It’s been a lot easier this time than when I first did this in 2013. I think I did the really tough work back then, because I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms and very few cravings. The hardest thing this time was starting – and getting through the first few days without having an afternoon chocolate or cake. Once I’d got past that, it was easy and I haven’t been tempted at all. Not even at Christmas.

Just before the holidays I read an interesting article about habits and a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, They have both helped me to start to introduce the small changes into my lifestyle that I couldn’t do last year.

This is a long-winded way of saying I’ve started walking again. I’ve been getting up at (some stupid time very close to) 5am and the reward for this is being awake for the sunrise.

20150108 Sunrise editNow I just have to introduce the corresponding habit of going to bed earlier than midnight, and I just might get the sleep I need to function normally.

It’s been a good week. I hope you’ve had a good week too.

12 of 12 November 2014

12 of 12 November 2014

I missed the last couple of months of 12 of 12, but I’m back now. I have the September photos, I just haven’t done anything with them. As for October, I completely forgot. I also forgot to do 13 of 13 amd 14 of 14, so I gave up.

12 November was a Wednesday and I went to work. It was one of those days where nothing unusal happened. So this is it.

1 of 12 – I dyed my hair red a month ago so I could attend the radio station trivia night as Molly Ringwald. It was supposed to last 8 washes. I didn’t read the bit that said on blonde hair it might take longer to wash out and/or stain your hair.

20141112-01 Hair is still red edit

2 of 12 – Today is Stingie’s first birthday. He’s a teddy Juniordwarf got from one of the pub teddy machines. He’s Danielle’s last baby before she died. Stingie isn’t here to celebrate his birthday as he’s away in Oz with Juniordwarf.

20141112-02 Stingie's birthday edit3 of 12 – My sourdough starter survived 3 weeks of neglect. Just. I need to use it to make something. Probably bread.

20141112-03 Sourdough starter edit4 of 12 – Juniordwarf has started having showers in the morning, and today he wanted to use the hairdryer.

20141112-04B Hairdryer edit5 of 12 – Work is progressing on the Parliament Square site and activity has increased over the past few weeks.

20141112-05 Ground Level edit6 of 12 – This is the new Brooke Street Pier that was floated up the river into position on Sunday. I would have loved to have seen that.

20141112-06B Brooke Street Pier edit7 of 12 – Someone at work looked at this and asked if it was a joke. It’s not a joke. If you’re familiar with David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” program it will make sense to you. I’ve put parts of the system in place at work and am gradually refining it so it works for me. Once I have it up and running at work it will be time to fix up the half-arsed attempt I’ve made at home.

20141112-07 Getting things done edit8 of 12 – The ongoing dispute between the government and the public sector unions over job cuts and wage freezes. This isn’t the place to write about it, but it is not primarily about wages. It’s about the way the government chose to go about this.

20141112-08 Strike edit9 of 12 – This is an old swimming pool complex in Hobart, which has been derelict for many years. It is apparently now going to be redeveloped.

20141112-09A Aquatic House edit10 of 12 – Juniordwarf and I went out for coffee after school.

20141112-10 Coffee at Pop edit11 of 12 – I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). The challenge is to write a 50,000 words novel in the month of November. This equate to 1,667 words a day. I tried it once before, I think it was in 2001, where I got to about 20,000 words and had to stop because I was getting RSI. I’ve struggled the past few days because I have no idea where the novel is going.

20141112-11 NaNoWriMo edit12 of 12 – I’ve started carrying round one of these Rhodia No. 13 notepads with my Midori Travelers Notebook to act as a ‘scratch pad’ to write down things as they occur to me during the day so I can rip them off and put them where I need them, rather than have to rip pages out of my notebook.

20141112-12 Rhodia edit