Black & white #3

I’m starting to lose track of the days in my black & white photo project. I think this is day 22.

Here are the next seven in the series.







20171209 New Town Plaza car park IG


Challenge 6 – Clarity -it continues

I am really struggling with the “clarity” project.

I think I’m finding it hard to lock things like my values and purpose into writing, because I think once they’re committed in writing they’ll be locked in and I’ll never be able to change them. It’s an issue I’ve struggled with my whole life. If I commit to something, it rules everything else out – so rather than make a conscious choice (because that implies a forever commitment) I’ve gone along with whatever has come up at the time. Because somehow making a not-choice-which-still-commits-you-to-something has less power than an actual choice.

I know.

Looking back, this hasn’t been a good strategy, and is probably the reason I’ve stayed in the same career path for as long as I have.

I’m trying really hard to do this exercise as a “work in progress” activity rather than a “once it’s written it’s set in stone and can never change” thing. But I still have this reluctance to commit anything to writing.

And I have made progress. See!

Listen to the Asian Efficiency Podcast on creating a manifesto  and start to write these 5 documents

  • I listened to it and I made a start on the “perfect day” document
Make a start on the last three “easy peasy” crosswords in my crossword book.
  • I totally did this, and I started three of the more difficult ones.
Write a blog post on where I’m up to with the “clarity” challenge (i.e. actually do it this week).
  • This is it.
Write a blog post on what I learned this week.
  • Done. It’s here.

And I saw the most amazing clouds the other day

Goals for this week:

Finish the “perfect day” document.

Start three more crosswords. Finish at least one.

Write a blog post on what I learned this week.

12 of 12 february 2014

12 February 2014 was a Wednesday, two days after a Public Holiday. This week is the second week of school and I’m still trying to get myself back into the routines. I’m struggling.

1 of 12 – The sun rose.


2 of 12 – Juniordwarf’s current obsession is the TV show Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. He rather likes the Nanny Plum character, and he’s designated me as the Queen and himself as the maid, AKA Nanny Juniordwarf. So he’s given me his crown to wear. I have permission to leave it in the car when I go to work, because I’m not a Queen at work.


3 of 12 – Hobart was hit by a major storm on Sunday and we were driving home right in the middle of it. Some trees in St David’s Park were badly damaged and the park was closed this morning while they assessed the damage and made the area safe.


4 of 12 – All that can be seen of the old Print Building in Salamanca Place from street level now.


5 of 12 – The mountain emerging from low-lying cloud. Today was a welcome relief from the heat. (If you’re on the mainland, my definition of ‘heat’ might differ from yours . . . I have a very low tolerance.)


6 of 12 – Zoe hasn’t been to work with me for a while. There is weird stuff going on in Teddy Land, and Zoe is now a witch who lives in a very messy house separately from the other teddies. (If you watch Ben and Holly you’ll understand, otherwise you may nod and move on.)


7 of 12 – There was quite a lot of activity going on in the park when I left work and there were a few people standing round watching branches being cut off this tree. There were also a few cruise ship visitors around, and I wondered what they made of walking in between the demolition of the Print Building on one side of the street and the chainsawing of the trees in the park on the other side. (See photo 4.)


8 of 12 – We got home to a delightful display of birds in our garden. We think we have identified these as Yellow Crescent Honeyeaters.


9 of 12 – Some days the chickens don’t want to use the laying box. Earlier in the month we thought they’d stopped laying, only to find a stash of about 15 eggs in what has been dubbed “The Egg Butty”. Blame Juniordwarf for that one.


10 of 12 – Whenever we let the rabbit out, the chooks don’t take long to move in.


11 of 12 – Juniordwarf has allocated himself some jobs to do in his new role as the maid. One is the washing, but it’s a magic washing machine and he has to say, “Washing machine: wash all the clothes. Abracadabra!” (If you watch Ben and Holly you’ll understand, otherwise you may nod and move on.)


12 of 12 Coincidentally today’s Ben and Holly story was the one where Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf swap jobs for a day, and the Wise Old Elf has to do the washing. “Washing machine: wash all the clothes. Abracadabra!”


P365 – Day 240 – some of what we did today

This morning I looked into Juniordwarf’s room and this is what I saw:

He said he was lining up all the numbers. He’d obviously run out of room at the bed and had to continue the sequence under his bed. He was taking one number or one picture under his bed at a time, then emerging (backwards) to get the next one.

Today was a pretty quiet Sunday, so I decided to post a few pictures of what we did.

Inspired by an Instagram friend, we did chalk shadow drawings.

Slabs created his own artwork.

Juniordwarf and I went on a two hour walk and explored the (disused) local railway line along the way.

I wasn’t sure if we should go, as the sky looked like this:

We looked at the daffodils when we got home.

And after all that collapsed on the couch.

P365 – Day 210 – cloud vs mountain (29/07/2011)

I thought this was a great view of Mt Wellington. The top of the mountain was covered in cloud, and there was another layer of cloud beneath that, but you could just make out the mountain through a few gaps in the second cloud layer.

Once I looked at the photos I couldn’t help thinking that it looked like the cloud had eyes that the mountain was peeking through.

(edited in PicFX)

P365 Day 108 – too early

Under normal circumstances, Slabs has Mondays off. Usually I catch the bus in to work on those days, and it’s usually the 6.30 am bus that I like to get.

To catch this bus I have to get up at 5.20 (yes, it takes me that long to get myself out of bed and get ready, and yes, doing this involves coffee). Today was especially hard because I woke up at 3.25 and found it very difficult to get back to sleep, so when the alarm went off, I felt like I’d only just got to sleep.

Today was the first time I’d caught the bus since daylight saving ended, and I was lucky enough to be leaving the house just as the most glorious sunrise was happening. It was truly stunning, and if I’d been five minutes later I would have missed it.

Sunrise from our front door
Sunrise from the bus stop a couple of minutes later

When I was editing these photos I tried not to over-process them, just enhance them a bit. Not sure I succeeded entirely – I think the first one is more accurate than the second one –  but this is about the journey, not the destination isn’t it, so I’m learning all the time.

P365 Day 106 clouds

I was cooking dinner tonight and looked out the window to see these clouds.

We get some great clouds, and I love the light in that period just before the sun sets. It takes a bit of cropping and darkening to hide the neighbours’ houses whenever I take cloud shots from our backyard though.

I wasn’t sure how the photos were going to turn out through the glass, but I think they look OK. They’re both edited in Camera+.